A severe talk with myself today. Self-examination way overdue!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hi recent found friends. I have changed my name from Eattoomuch11 to SparklingDawn

I had this most strange experience today. I stumbled over a blog, that first triggered the following response, and later when driving to work created some severe self-realisation and self-examination (and a serious reprimand to myself as well!):

Dear xxx

I have learned that what I ask for - I get! Anything created by humans on this planet is because somebody thought it up, and decided to create it afterwards. Cars, chairs, clothes - everything. Everything starts with an idea in the brain, and sometimes it is manifested in the physical world as well. But it all starts in the brain. We get what we ask for. Now ideas is about getting a visual picture, so tell me .... how does the brain visualise "NOT"?

Close your eyes now and think of the elephant NOT riding a bike. Do it now - you can continue reading afterwards. Just take a little break and think of the elephant ...... I will wait until you are done....... OK are you done? Fine, now close your eyes and think of a giraffe NOT going on waterskiis dragged by a swarm of bees on an orange ocean with a silver balloon tied to its tail....... Hmmm - what do you see?
Now go back to your blog above and look at it again.

You write: I am not a pig, I do not shovel food into my mouth without thinking, I do not eat continuously, all day long. My mouth is closed to food except at timed intervals, I do not eat without thinking first, I do not eat at my office desk, I do not consume massive quantities of food, no matter how "healthy" the food is, I do not eat in response to emotions, I do not eat in response to fatigue......

What about changing that to:

"I always think before eating"
"I only eat what is healthy"
"When I am tired I rest, because that is what my body needs"
"When I feel anxious I evaluate why I feel this way, and decide what I can do about it"
"When I am hungry, I start by drinking 2 glasses of water while I prepare my healthy food. I eat a small portion of he healthy food I have prepared, and I drink 2 glasses of water. I wait for 20 minutes and IF I am more hungry I repeat the drill"
"Whenever I eat I sit at my special eating place, I eat slowly and I taste the food and enjoy and cherish every bite"
"I stop before I am full"
"I know there is more food, I can go and take it when I need it"
"I only eat for hunger"
"When I am bored or angry I address the boredom or my anger"

The universe is wisely created. We always get what we ask for.

Now – that is where I ended my blog – and went driving to work in my car – when it suddenly occurred to me that SOMEHOW the name “eattoomuch” was definitely describing the problem I struggle with (…..well … eat AND drink to be honest!), but also because it focuses on where I am and not where I want to be and who I want to be – might, juuuuust MIGHT not be the most sensible thing to do – right? OCR ! (ofcourseright)

I am a Director, I manage people, and I believe in “walking the talk” every day in my life together with my employees.

And then this name ---- hmmm - not too clever I would say. I mean I have known, preached and believed for many years what I wrote as a response to that blog – and then on top of that, I walk directly out in the middle of it all, both feet, waist deep into the trap, with no hesitation at all. I must really need a brain surgery or something along that line.
So when driving this morning, the sun broke through the clouds and it was the most beautiful sparkling dawn.
And I decided that 2010 definitely should be my dawn. The last year I am ever going to struggle with my weight – because when I reach my goal – this time – I am gonna stay at it.
As I understood the other day in some of the comments – somehow by changing my name I am in danger of loosing you people. So please find me again – Please?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You really must need brain surgery if you think changing your name and thinking with a much more positive attitude will chase away or make you loose your new found friends! I'm not going anywhere!
    Well written!
    Good for you!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3906 days ago
    Hmmm - yes - the Secret!!
    A beautiful, wonderful book, that should be read and reread more often that I have had the habit of doing. And probably less risky than full brainsurgery anyway emoticon
    I loved the book, felt inspired and then things weed out a little, until you suddenly gets it back in the face. I had to go in here today and rewrite my identity and goals as well, there were flaws everywhere - not just my name was tainted. Luckily I am the boss, I have an office for myself emoticon , my closest superior - the CEO is in another building, and I can look as I am very busy when my employees come in for signatures and advice and tell them, "that they have to come back later", as "I am writing to somebody very important just now, that need to learn something about what to do, and what not to do".
    I only leave out the fact, that I am writing to myself. Well that is also a way to spend a day on work. Right? I do not feel that bad about it (only slightly!) as I normally have a week of 65+ hours, so a few hours for setting myself straight - that must be possible.
    3906 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/11/2010 10:22:48 AM
    Loved your blog post! After reading The Secret, and many other books and articles about attracting more of what you want into your life, I know that what you say is true. Putting it into your every day habits is another story! But, your blog has inspired me to do just that. Thanks!
    3906 days ago
    Awesome blog! Way to call a halt to negative thinking and change things around. Thank you for sharing with us!
    3906 days ago
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