Inspiration from a tea tag

Monday, January 11, 2010

The tea tag reads as follows:
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire. (attributed to Aristotle)
This got me to thinking about my own personal weight loss journey and how I've been approaching life in the process.
Chance: was it chance that put that snack in my hand? No, it was volition.
Nature: Is it in my nature to hurt myself? No. So why do I hurt myself by eating foods that are not good for me, in quantities that are detrimental to my overall well-being?
Compulsion: Am I compelled to eat ice cream, donuts and candy? Sometimes, but I must begin to raise barriers to those "foods" so they do not overwhelm my desire for a healthier me. I begin by stocking my cupboards with fruit instead of candy, yogurt instead of ice cream, and a plain bagel instead of that glazed or powdered sugar doughnut.
Habit: I have made many bad habits in my life, but I have also made some new good habits, and make them supercede the bad ones by conscious living. I am more aware of my choices and how they will impact my well-being and my self-image.
Reason: I am capable of thought, in a clear concise way, and I can start to reason with myself as to why I should choose healthy foods over junk. I am not a mindless automaton!
Passion: I can use my passion for cooking to prepare foods that are tasty and also nutritious. I can also use my passion for life to get me to use my energy to good purpose, such as walking instead of watching TV, I must have passion in my life in order to succeed in reaching my goals!
Desire: There is much I desire to accomplish in life. I desire to look at my reflection and not flinch in distaste and disgust with myself. I desire to see the loving person I know I can be but hide behind walls of my own devising. I desire to accept myself, and to love who I am, both now and when I finally reach my physical goal of losing all this excess weight. I do not choose to be tired, I do not choose to be lazy, I do not choose to continue the negative self-talk that I have plagued my life with. I choose to be healthy, and strong, and beautiful, and wise in my years.
Quite a bit from a little old tea bag tag....
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