Stupid Medication.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So its been a fairly crappy weekend.

Doc appointment thursday didn't really let me have a workout. I was sore and cranky.

Friday I had a terrible day. I came home with every intention of working out, but we had a ton of stuff to do, then I started feeling crappy. Today was the day I started taking the meds the doctor gave me. Boooo. Because I was dizzy, I didn't get on the elliptical either. I took the time to relax and tray and feel better.

Saturday comes around. I was pumped to feel better and get the house clean. Woke up to my roommate sick from drinking too much the night before. So the lady and I made breakfast and went downstairs. I took my meds. Well I made some chili, and because our roommate was sick all day we didnt get anything done. We also had a friend stranded by a flat tire. We couldnt take him anywhere because he had blocked us in. I get the veggie chili done and we all eat, I start on my last rounds of meds and I've already been feeling loopy from the pills earlier. Then I got REALLY sick. Like...the room was spinning, I was hallucinating, I was vomiting, the whole nine yards. My stomach was cramping, my body was aching. Needless to say I spent the whole night curled up in my chair complaining. That and the bathroom. I didn't get the rest of my steroid treatment taken. I couldn't keep anything down. It was a terrrrrible night. Also for some reason, I felt SOOOOO hungry today. I ate, and it just wasn't enough. I mean, I waited, I drank water, I waited some more and I was still hungry. So I ended up ODing on cheerios. I don't have bad food in the house, so there is nothing really bad that I ate. Just lots and lots of cheerios, 3 oranges, and veggie chili.

I woke up this morning feeling ok, but not great and my girlfriend is sick =[ We are both still feeling crappy, but not deathly terrible. I've gotten lots of cleaning done so I'm proud of myself for that. I need to feel better to go to work tomorrow.

All these days of not really working out have made me feel like a failure. I know I'm too critical of myself. I feel like I've fallen of the wagon and crap. It's stupid. I know I havent, but I just feel like it. Its bringing me down a little bit. But tomorrow is a new day and a new week =]

I also tried cod this last week, and hated it =P

So I think I'm going to read my spark book and get reinspired and feel better.

I got invited to be a leader for the Lung Walk here in Indianapolis. Kind of interesting and wondering if anyone else got the same email.

TO DO this week....

Get in some cardio, even if its only 10 minutes a day
Get a really awesome workout this week
Read chapter 1 in the spark
Grocery Shopping
Look for new recipes

Thats all I have for now =]

Have a great week spark!!
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  • no profile photo NHASELHUHN
    Just a thought, but your body was depleted from being sick the day before, right? No wonder you couldn't 'feel full'! Dry grains like cheerios are easy to OD on though, so choosing water, oranges, and other high-water content foods was a great idea.

    AND...it's Monday and a new day! I know you'll give that elliptical 10 minutes of yourself tonight. I know it. :)
    3972 days ago
    Hang in there!!!! Remember, you don't have to wait until tomorrow to get back in the saddle again. I think that this is something that's always been so helpful to me to hear.....I will give up and then justify my overeating and just feel worse. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!
    Thanks for your honesty and laying it out there. :)
    3972 days ago
    Doctors should just stop giving me medicines. I have bad reactions to EVERYTHING.


    But thank you all =]

    I will surely live
    3972 days ago
    Awwww, partner! :( I hope you feel better really soon!

    And cheer up - your brain hasn't given up, your body is just not quite keeping up with it right now. You're not off the wagon - it's a minor setback, and you'll come back and attack it. I have faith in you. ;)


    3972 days ago
  • MICHOU83
    I know how life can just barge in and take over. Happened to me yesterday. So, get your cardio in today, even 10 mins. You can do this!!!
    3972 days ago
    I hope you feel better. I know what you mean, I've felt like a slug so many days, because I couldn't work out. But, it passed, and I'm working out again. So, it will pass for you, just be patient. I know you aren't lazy, you're just sick.
    3972 days ago
    Feel better soon! That really sucks about being sick so much. Hang in there!
    3972 days ago
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