Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm not a person who likes breakfast. I don't really care for most "breakfast foods" either. Like everyone else, I've read and listened to much advice from everywhere that says we SHOULD definitely eat breakfast.

Still, it always seemed to me to be rather silly to make myself eat when I'm not hungry as there are very few times in my day when I DON"T want food, lol.

Recently, I found some information that makes the case for breakfast so much more than anything I've heard before. I'm convinced.


This is a link to a short video from Dr. Oz, who consistently makes more sense than all the other "celebrity" health gurus I've heard. In it he talks about the GHRELIN HORMONE, how and when it is produced in our body and what it does in reference to hunger and certain fat storage, especially BELLY FAT.


This link is a more detailed scientific article on the same subject. These two links give you a pretty good idea of what your body does when it wakes up in the morning and how it affects your health and weight.

My breakfast of choice is Yoplait Lite Yogurt with 2 tablespoons of cold-milled ground flaxseed. I now know it's important for my body to do it's work during the day.

I hope this re-enforces your habit of eating breakfast, if you have one, or motivates you to eat breakfast from now on, if you haven't been.

Our body is so intricate and works so hard to function they way it is meant to. It asks very little from us, really, considering all it does for us, even through decades of neglect. The least we can do is help it out as much as we can. The reward is pretty awesome.

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    Thank you very much for posting all this great information Karen, it's funny we seem to know this but still ignore it, very glad to be reminded and learn something new as well.

    I will have to make a better effort at this, and this certainly helped to illustrate why.

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    3024 days ago
  • JUSTJO66
    Great information, Karen. I've always known it was a good idea to eat breakfast but like so many others the thought of eating in the morning turned my stomach. Because of my diabetes I usually try to keep my carbs low at meals. I've found a EAS Edge shake with 110 calories and 4 grams carb that really helps in the mornings if I just can't get it down...keeps me full, too. I also like to microwave 2 eggs with any kind of veggie and maybe a little cheese or I use the One Minute Flax Muffin recipe on this site. It's good.. low carb. and good for me. :o).

    Easy: Spray large microwave bowl or cup with Pam: Combine 1/4 cup flax meal; 1 tsp. baking powder, 2 packets splenda, 1 tsp olive oil (may omit for fewer calories); 1 tsp. cinammon. Mix in one egg and 1 tsp. water if omitted oil. Microwave 45 seconds. Top with low fat cream cheese or jam/ or any other topping. Great. :o)
    3024 days ago
    HI Karen,
    I have breakfast every morning of Kashi with crasins, walnuts and flaxmeal and it keeps me going for most of the morning. I sometimes have a piece of fruit mid morning. If I don't get lunch at what is a normal time for me, I am not starving by the time I do get to eat. I did not always eat breakfast but when I weighed in at 227 lbs and started losing the weight I had to change the eating habits that got me there. Now I weigh 167 and
    hope to get back down to 145.

    So try to eat something each morning, you will eventually want to eat breakfast.
    3024 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I do eat breakfast, but I eat it late because like you I don't want it early. I will check out the links though. When I do have my breakfast at about 10-11am I have Kashi-Go Lean with yogurt and cinnamon on it.
    Thanks for sharing these links, Karen.
    3025 days ago
    Patty I just love the Steel Cut Oatmeal.
    3025 days ago
    The breakfast I have almost every day of the week is Steel Cut Oatmeal,1 T of honey and soe raisins and sometimes almonds mixed in. I really love this for breakfast and feel like it is really healthy. To save time, I make 4 servings at a time and put the 3 extras in the refrigerator then all I have to do is warm it up in the microwave. I add the raisins each morning not when I make it. This was the first time I had internet today so am running a little late:( PJ
    3025 days ago
    This is exactly what I read in the book Belly Fat to Belly Flat that I blogged about in the past.
    3025 days ago
    I'm another one of those people who doesn't eat breakfast. I just have 2 cups of coffee and that's all, till noon. I saw this Dr. Oz show, on Friday, but I'm glad to have the video and the more technical info to refer to. I had a cup of homemade veggie soup this morning!

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    3025 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/10/2010 5:59:37 PM
    It is necessary to eat breakfast - the previous posts have gone into the reasons well - but I also agree that, provided you eat it really doesn't matter what type of healthy food you eat. Dietitians normally recommend that the 3 main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) should be approximately the same calorie value!!
    3025 days ago
    This is a difficult one for me. When I eat Breakfast I get really hungry all day. I started eating breakfast when I joined WW because they said to eat breakfast every day, but I have to make it very small. Sometimes I just have a glass of milk and a fruit. I know it gets your metabolism started.
    3025 days ago
    I LOVE breakfast more than any other meal.

    To each his own.

    I think it is ok to eat nonconventional foods for breakfast....just follow the nutrition guidelines.
    3025 days ago
    I was one who could go all day and only eat one meal. Well that was fine till I hit 55 and then I started putting the weight around my middle. When I started eating three meals a day and a small nutritious snack in between I lost weight. My husband made the comment if he ate as much as me he would be fat.

    My husband had a mini stroke the end of September and every medical person he spoke to asked him if he had breakfast and he told them he only eats one meal a day. I guess what they said to him made him think because he now eats 3 meals a day and has lost a little weight and feels much better.

    3025 days ago
    Hi Karen,

    Another thing to consider, as far as breakfast foods, is that for a great part of the people of the world, there isn't 'breakfast food' per se. They don't eat foods especially for breakfast--they just eat food. So if you were in Thailand for example, you would find yourself eating things like miso soup with vegetables, and perhaps some sort of grilled meat.

    So you don't need to eat breakfast food...just eat a healthy breakfast!

    And yes, you SHOULD eat breakfast, for another reason too:

    You've just fasted for probably about 12 hours. So if you skip breakfast, and don't eat until lunch, you're expecting your body to run on empty--like really empty--for an additional 5 or 6 hours. Can a car run for 18 hours without gas?

    I'm thinking too that your being so hungry throughout the rest of the day when you don't eat breakfast may be your body trying to make up for the missed calories/fuel.
    3025 days ago
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