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Saturday, January 09, 2010

So, I posted something on my status the other day, about my goal weight - currently set at 145lbs - and it got me thinking.

I've basically been overweight since I was... 8 or 9. There was a Thing that happened to me before that, and that was the catalyst for my weight gain. Since then, it's mostly just been my love of food (good food and bad food alike!) that's kept me gaining weight.

But my point is... I don't know - I've never known, as an aware person - what it's like to be a "normal" weight. Checking out the BMI scale, the lowest end is 130lbs, and the highest end is around about 170lbs.

Now, I don't subscribe to the BMI scale at all, because it doesn't take into account muscle mass or bone mass - and I'm big-boned, as are all of my family - and I'm TALL, but I'm using it as an example, because...

Well, at 5' 10", if I weighed 130lbs, I think I'd disappear if I stood sideways. Similarly, I've always thought that 180lbs would be fine for me, but my doctor would still look at my BMI and tell me I was overweight.

So I'm not entirely sure. I *thought* that 145lbs was too low, really, that it would be below the "normal weight" on the BMI scale and it turns out that it's 15lbs HIGHER than the lowest threshold?

I don't know. I know that it's going to be a case of "I'll see when I get there", and it's going to be a long way away, but what do y'all think? What is your goal weight, and how did you decide on it?
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    I loved your post. I personally think the mainstream nutritional/medical field are cracked when it comes to their little charts and looking at root cause of obesity/motivation. And if a doctor thinks it is motivating to throw out a unrealistic goal, I say that the medical establishment need a stiff poke in the eye. I am taking it in 5 pound increments--it keeps me sane and I get to celebrate my successes more often than constantly having to remind myself that I have so far to go (another 70 pounds).

    3385 days ago
    I love your Spark page and your blog! You are absolutely beautiful. I wish I could rock a deep red lipstick like you can! Vamp it up, girl.

    WRT setting a goal weight, I set mine at the weight I was when I felt my best. I'm 5'9" but small-boned, and when I weighed 140-145 I felt strong and agile and able to easily do whatever I needed to do: run up stairs, work in the garden, chase a kid, slide down banisters... I agree with other posters here that as you get closer to where your body needs to be , it will tell you. Just listen for that little voice. You have a big voice now that yells at you for not being perfect (YOU GAINED 1 KG! LAZY HO!), but that's not the one that's telling you the really important stuff. Listen for the other one.

    As for your Thing, I'm so sorry.

    Love to you!
    3386 days ago
    I am 5'5" and my goal weight is around 145. Just see as you get closer. Start by setting a first goal and the set another goal, and so on. It is easy to obtain small goals than one huge goal. My first goal is to get to 169. That is my first goal of the year. When I get ther I will set another goal.
    Just work on one pound at a time and you will get to a good goal weight for you.
    3386 days ago
    I know this comment is late, but I wanted to say that until I get a lot closer to where my weight should be, I just plan on doing 10% of my body weight at a time. I read somewhere (I don't recall where) that the health benefits from that alone is wonderful. I figure when I get to 160 or 150, then I will evaluate where I want to be.
    3386 days ago
    I'm like you i was always kinda overweight for my age As a child. Then my senior year in high school i was 220 and stayed there till i got pregnant with my daughter at 20 gained 60 lbs. then got pregnant with my son and ended up at 310. I would love to get back down to 220 by the end of the year. I am also 5'10'' and i put as my goal weight 180. My doctor said 175 would be my ideal weight but what does he know everyone is different I'll see when i get there.
    3390 days ago
  • ROSSY2010
    Like another commenter, I am also under 5 feet tall. According to a BMI calculator I should weigh between 91.5lbs (you've got to be kidding) and 125.5 lbs to be considered "healthy". Like you said, I don't know what that would even feel like - the last I remember is 140. I feel like anything less than 120 is unhealthy and that I'd just blow away. Others on here have mentioned setting smaller goals or goals that are attainable instead of staring at a final weight and getting depressed that we're not there yet. In my resolutions this new year, I've decided I need to eat healthier and "with intent". I have bad habits that range from inactivity, high carbs/sugar, to binge/emotional eating, to outrageous portions ( emoticon for the comment on my blog, by the way :) ). So my goals are to reign those in, and if the weight falls, so be it. Best wishes on your journey!
    3391 days ago
    What a great post! I wasn't sure so I put 150, then 140 - but I really don't know for sure. I'm 5'9" and pretty muscle even now. I think when I hit 160 I will reassess. I have no idea what I look like or what I should like. It is all new. I think a lot of people are feeling what you are.

    But I agree - smaller goals might be better to feel continuous success... I might switch to that too.

    Thanks for posting. That was a good one.
    3391 days ago
    I am only 4 foot 9, so my goal is around 115 to 120 pounds. But as I get closer to it I will do some re-assessing. I have always had some extra weight, but growing up I was also quite active.

    I might find out that with the muscle I am putting on I should be 125, or I might find out that I actually need to be 110.

    Being quite short the charts are not 100% accurate for me, so I just continue to work at it and plug away, and look forward to seeing the improvements
    3392 days ago
    I'm 5'10" too and my Mr would just die if I was that skinny! LOL He's always been a guy who likes a little "meat" on his ladies but I'm thinking 170 is about my minimum. Of course it's something you won't truly know until you get there to re-evaluate things. Good luck in your journey. I know what it feels like to have to lose that much (1/3 way there so far!). Yesterday I updated what my rewards would be for getting down to certain weights and it actually depressed me! LOL Hang in there and never quit!!
    3392 days ago
    If you go by the old insurance scales, and I think they are too low, then your ideal weight would be 150 at 5'10".

    I am 5'6" and my target weight is 160. I weighed that once for about a day. Well maybe a little longer... People told me then that I was too thin and I bought into it and here I am 30 years later. This time it is a target, not a goal. Once I get down below 200, I am going to try to figure out what is really best.
    3392 days ago
    Go with the measurements. I am larged boned. And I am more concerned at my waist size, than my scale. I am right now at the overweight point on my BMI. Once I get to normal, than I will concentrate on my waist size, since this is where the danger is, as far as weight gain. I too, have a goal weight of 145, I am almost 5' 6" But again, I am more concerned about the measurements. It's all about comfort, and health. And when you get to both of those, TA DA!!! Your doing fine!!! I will add you as a Spark friend, want to keep up with your progress. MJ
    3392 days ago
    The top goal for my height is 145-- I am 5'4.. I am sure you would look scrawny-- heck if I see 199 I will be ecstatic! We can only be the best us that we can! One bite, one day one pound at a time!
    3392 days ago
    When you need to lose a lot, it is better to focus on smaller goals. That way your weight loss goal line isn't so long!
    My goals are in 10 lb increments.
    If I were you, I'd concentrate on getting below 400. Once you hit that, go for 375, 350, 325... you see where I am going with this? If you stare at the 135 weight so long, you'll really get discouraged, and give up.
    I've lost 95 lbs, and I thought once I got here, I'd be satisfied... I'm close to my high school weight, and I haven't been that in over 9 1/2 years.
    Take it one day at a time.
    Start out with your meals... I took a week to figure out what a good breakfast would be for my caloric range... then the next week, I figured out lunch, etc.
    You can do it!
    Oh, and I am 5'10, and my goal is 165... MAYBE 155. I was 155 once upon a time, and I felt super sexy... I have NEVER been 135 at this height... that just seems yucky to me, haha. My husband was my height and 135 when we met, and his legs looked like Preying Mantis legs. No lie. Up your goal weight, girlie.
    3392 days ago

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    i'm like you - grew up fat from about age 8 - and my goal weight in my mind is about 140-150 lbs (i'm 5'4 1/2"). i was in 6th grade when i last weighed that weight!! and was maybe 4'10" to boot. so i SAY 140-150, but i really don't know. to me, i treat it as strictly a number - i'm not attached to it.

    what i'm focused on for THIS YEAR (since i'm not going on the The Biggest Loser and losing an insane amount of weight in 6 months so this will take more than a year) is 100 lbs off - 25 lbs per quarter (or 3 months) or a little less than 2 lbs per week. this immediately gives me smaller goals to focus on. so far in one week, i have gained a little weight (my lady time arrived just yesterday - yay me), but i am not concerned at all. i walk, i'm eating well, i'm tracking and checking in daily.

    when i get under 200 lbs - THAT will be a HUGE moment of success for me. i suppose i will have a better idea of my ultimate number the closer i get to it. for now, i'm focused on this quarter and this week! hope this helps some. :)

    3392 days ago
    I have also been fat my whole life (even as as a child...I'll bet we have a lot in common!) and so I have NO CLUE what my 'idea' weight would be. I don't even have one. So I wanted to set 100 pounds lost as my first year goal. And now 50 pounds is my goal for 2010. I guess being fat my whole life, anything smaller than that is an improvement...so I'm just waiting to see how I feel as time goes by. I really just want to be healthy for ME! Be healthy for YOU...the rest will come along. Good luck!
    3392 days ago
    I'm 5ft 10", maybe 5ft 11", fairly fine boned but wide pelvis. I'm aiming for 11st 5lbs, or at lightest 11st (154 - 159lbs). That's about bang in the middle of "normal" BMI.

    Seriously, as you've got a long way to go, look at mini-goals, as suggested by NYCGRRL. I think the suggestion is 10% of your current bodyweight, then re-evaluate.

    Whatever you lose, it'll be doing you good!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3392 days ago
    Body fat % is my favorite marker, my goal is to be under 20%.
    3392 days ago
    I've never known a normal weight, either. I certainly have never felt normal.

    My goal is to lose 200 pounds... to arrive at 140. I'm 5'7.

    Your goal weight may very well change when you get closer (notice I said WHEN not IF! :-) I'd set it for whatever you think is healthy for a 5'10 woman.
    3392 days ago
    Well I'm 179 cm and at 18 I was 55 kilos. Needless to say that the wind could blow me away then and everybody kept asking if I was ill or something. Now I'm 33 and weigh just under 100 kilos. After I had my son two years ago I was 81 kilos and everyone told me I looked great. About a decade ago a personal trainer told me that I should ideally weigh around 75. I think that you're absolutely right in saying that the BMI scale isn't the absolute guide to go by. It depends on many factors. I think that feeling happy with yourself and being able to be in a physical condition that allows you to keep up with a regular exercise routine pretty sums up what is considered, or should be considered, to be healthy.

    Don't worry about it too much. You'll know what is best for you when you get there.

    Hugs xxx
    3392 days ago
    Oh, honey! Right now my goal is to get below 200! I'll worry about the right weight for me later.
    3392 days ago
    I, too, am 5'10" with medium bone structure. Many years and many pounds ago I was a skinny model (130-135 lbs). So, I KNOW what it looks like. It looks like a bone! An emaciated bone! I have no interest in being less than 165 lbs today. Actually, 180 would be fine with me, even though 'the experts' would classify me as overweight. So, be it. My goal is to be a fit, svelte size 14, whatever the scale says. Ultimately, I think we have to decide what is healthy for us and the scale and our waistline measurements are, for me, part of the overall equation. All the best in your journey!
    3392 days ago

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