Today is Difficult!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Alright, I'm not expecting every day to be easy, but I am just miserable today.

I'm taking a cue from Yoovie, and its going something like this....

emoticon Today is dragging, my feet are killing me, I can't stay clean, I'm just now having my morning coffee(its 1:35PM), work is stressfulllllllll x 10, blahblahblah....today is stupid humph

emoticonbahahahha*coughcough* Just get home, and you can tell me alllllll about it. Maybe while you are picking up your prescriptions you can get some ice cream too. Yea!! Ice cream makes it better!!

emoticonNO, I dont even WANT ice cream.

emoticon Of course you do!! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

emoticonNope, I just want to go home and sit in my recliner. I'm so not freaking motivated.

emoticonYou know what helps that? Ice cream, lots of it

emoticonShut up with the ice cream, I'm not getting any. I need to find some energy, its like I dont have ANY. I've had a good dayish meal wise. I'm just not hungry today, I dont know whats going on.

emoticonThats because you keep trying to eat...salad....*vomit*.....and
....FISH...*vomit*....Come back to the land of chicken fingers and fries.

emoticonmmmm, a salad and fish sound good for dinner!

emoticonyou are toooootally missing my point...

emoticonI'm going to go home and relax for a little bit, THEN get on the elliptical, and then make dinner and junk. Yay! I know I'll feel better after I work it.

emoticon No you wont. I'm part of this too and you dont care about my feelings....

emoticonBecause you're opinion doesn't matter, that and I dont make deals with the devil. Time to get back to work so I can get home!! Shoo fly =]
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