Lessons from Week 1 of 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

I really can eat less.

This first week was important to me because of a challenge I started on my Over 60's team. So I kept that challenge in mind constantly all week. All I have to do is lose. Not any certain amount, just lose something. To stay in the challenge, I have to do that every week! (Or at least stay the same.)

With this in mind, I had lots of realizations. First I realized that I haven't been very serious about actually losing weight since I got to Spark People. I didn't have that much to lose and I had some real issues with pain, so I didn't focus much on LOSING.

I also realized that I CAN be happy with less of the food I like. To achieve that end, I've been sure to buy everything in the smallest packages I can find. Single servings. I also divided everything I cooked into single servings.

I eat more slowly and focus on the eating and the enjoyment of it. This really makes a difference.

I have also made "presentation" important in my meals and try to serve myself as if I were serving a dinner guest. (Thank you, Marianna!)

I found a new dessert. SUGAR FREE GUM! I pop some in my mouth as soon as I'm done with my healthy portion of food! This has become a signal to me that I'M DONE EATING and there's no need to even give food another thought. I really think this is going to be a very important habit for me.

I try to make my last meal of the day a little higher in protein and without any white carbs. Those carbs my body really reacts to by wanting more, more, more. (Pasta, Potatoes, Hot Bread, Sugar, White Rice) If I eat any of those foods, I do it at lunch.

I have stopped thinking of eating out as a "time out" from healthy eating. I have a friend who has stayed at the same low weight for over 20 years and as I observe her eating out, I notice she chooses the same lower calorie, healthier meals at a restaurant as I do at home.

Mostly, I've made the connection that I'm not losing a few pounds so I can once again eat all I want. I'm losing a few pounds so I can be healthier, move better, look better, FEEL BETTER.

It's a full time job. And very rewarding when I accomplish it for an entire week.

When I eat healthy meals every time, my body feels so good. I don't need the calorie count or carb or fat or sugar count to know I've done well. My body tells me. And my body doesn't lie or fudge a little on the totals, lol. My body knows what I eat and it reflects what I eat. Can't get around it.

So this week, I feel great because my body feels great!

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