Bringing the freaking cool whip back

Friday, January 08, 2010

I've got an 8oz tub of ff cool whip staring me down right now and I'm freaking out. I'm revisiting my original blog from some time ago:

Hi. My name is Joell and I'm a Cool Whip-aholic. My problem started sometime in the late 90's with my discovery of the of fat-free Coolwhip. Just 15 calories and zero fat for 2 delightful tablespoons of creamy goodness.... yummy, delicious spoonfuls of whipped goodness. The problem is, like potato chips, you can't just have one. One TbSp leads to two which leads to three, which leads to 50 (which happens to be exactly how many tablespoons contained within an 8 oz tub). I know this from experience.

It starts in the grocery store with a conversation between me and myself:

Me: I should get some ff whipped cream.
Self: You know what happens when you have coolwhip in the house.
Me: I'll put it over fresh fruit... it will be low cal.
Self: YOU can't have coolwhip in the house.
Me: I can mix a little pb with a couple of TBSP and make fluff...Yaye Protein.
Self: Hellooooo!!!! Cool whip is evil!
Me:'s just a dairy product, how can a dairy product be evil.
Self: Step away from the cool whip.
Me: I can handle it and we're not having this conversation anymore. LaLaLaLa

....and into the cart it goes (as I totally ignore me sense of reason other-wise known as self).

I have very good intentions usually.... starts off with a measured out serving and then another. Well hell that's only 30 cal and then another 45 and then an other 60 and before I know it, I've sucked down the entire 8oz tub.

8oz =50 Tbsp = 375 calories = 75 g Carbs = zero fat (thank God)= 8 WW points.


just pitiful

Freaking Cool Whip

I need a program.

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  • GINNJEN2000
    Hey everyone has those slips.... the trick is to move forward and not beat ones self up. That is the hardest part.
    3619 days ago
    Okay i suppose i shouldn't laugh but you've named all of our struggles in one fashion or another with a tub of cool whip. Who would have thought that something so innocuous could be so addictive or tempting or...... So, here's a dose of strength to hold out against the evil cool whip tub whether in the freezer or at the store or in the frig. Have a great day.
    3619 days ago
    I used to crave candy, but never bought any. I thought while I had it in my hands at the store, "This is 6 points, which is basically a meal for me. I can eat this and not be full and not have the points for a filling meal or not eat it and enjoy dinner."
    3619 days ago
    3619 days ago
    I do this with Chocolate...I often go visit my choc at the store, cuz I don't dare bring it home!!

    My conversation at the store (sometimes out loud) is..."I want to buy you, but I choose not to eat you" and walk on by!

    It takes LOTS of practice!!
    3619 days ago
    Oh, I am SO with you on this one! I can't help you much except that maybe it's better than something else?! OOO, that's evil, I think. Sorry. Good luck and if you get it mastered, be sure to let me know. All the best!
    3619 days ago
  • MONI0709
    Well you know your weakness so if you can't stare it in the label and give it a firm NO, then perhaps don't go down that aisle?

    Good luck with that one!! My addiction is Facebook...can't stop the games!! LOL
    3619 days ago
    You are funny and can I relate Sister - see my blog : I ate a whole box of cookies!!! Hang in -admitting you have a problem is the first step....=) emoticon
    3619 days ago
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