Doctors Visit and Snow...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Today was my doctors visit for my feet =/

The good news!

I can use my elliptical hooray!

Bad News...

I cannot run, jog, jump, strength train, or do any kind of activities relating to them. Great. =/

So there goes running for now. I guess I'd rather fix this now, so I can run when it starts warming up. Yes..thats what I'll do! By then I can go get some custom fit running shoes. Hooray!

And despite having my feet run over, my bones are beautiful. Eff my joints, I need to give them some tender lovin. I'm currently wearing these goofy bulky pads and two pair of socks. Lots of rest and ice, compression, and elevation. (haha rice!)

So for the next two weeks I'll be hitting the elliptical, lots of mandatory foot and calve stretching, a steroid treatment, and heavy duty anti-inflammatory's.

Today though, he hurt my foot. All the squeezing and poking made me cry. So I'm taking it easy tonight. I'm also having some dark chocolate. I'm excited for the weekend to log more cardio minutes.

My RAOH for the day would be getting up at 5:30 today, having a good breakfast, packed an amazing salad for lunch, and a pretty good dinner(beef stew at a famous place). I also got a ton of water which I'm proud of.

Today I am grateful for my insurance and the fact my bill is covered. I'm also grateful for having heat and getting to and from work safely with all the snow!

Over and out
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I somewhat know where you are coming from. I threw my back out in August and am still in PT to try to fix it ;( I just started being able to use the treadmill again to walk and got approved yesterday to go SLOWLY on my elliptical. It has been so discouraging and even I even convinced myself to just give up for 3 weeks! I got back on track with the team for the new year and have been doing great this week. You need to keep your spirits up Hun. You can do this... it's just a minor set back. The elliptical is amazing exercise and food is a huge part of the battle. Chin up!! We're all in this together.
    3973 days ago
    I'm glad you got this taken care of now...you will be much better off in the long run. Take the time to heal and take care of yourself missy!! Great RAOH!
    3974 days ago
    Thank you ladies =] *hearts*

    I guess I never said what was really wrong with my feet...haha. My joints in the ball of my foot and toes are very badly inflammed due to putting too much weight on the ball of my foot. Not to mention I was rocking a pair of bvery worn down skate shoes to work(because my job is a dirty job). Anyways, the joints inflamming is causing damage to the nerves in my foot which is causing excruciating foot pain.

    I am trying to focus on the good, I was just hurting and feeling dejected yesterday. I'm fine today and my feet feel pretty good! I'm confident that this physical therapy and stuff will work and I just need to get some fitted shoes for work and running. Just depends =]

    Thanks for all the support, you guys are the best!

    Al, mama, I have a special place for you *heart* This is probably why we were destined to be partners =]
    3974 days ago
    Good thing you've got Allyn as a partner, Monica.
    Not even ST for upper body?? Hmm...
    You take care and let those anti-inflammatories do the trick.
    3974 days ago
    You might also want to try taking glucosamin....its a little (ok...a LOT...atleast 30 dollars a bottle) expensive, but SO freaking worth it. I completely wrecked my wrist in highschool doing gymnastics, and as long as I took that, I didn't really have any pain (after the cast came off anyway). But, when I stopped taking it for awhile it got to painful to do even a cartwheel. Definitely recommend it! And its soo much better to not run now, and take care of this, than to run now and get worse! Good for you!
    3974 days ago
    Haha, I was reading this and going to say, "You should talk to Allyn, she's done all this this year." But she's already here!

    I know it's frustrating, but we will all be here to support you while you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Don't get too down about this:
    "no exercise except my elliptical" belittles what you have done--that is a LOT of exercise! Give yourself credit for the things you accomplish!
    3974 days ago
    I'm glad your feet aren't broken, and that you can still do something. Feel better!
    3974 days ago
    I went through the *exact* same thing earlier this year... got diagnosed with metatarsal bursitis in my foot, and was restricted to the bike and elliptical for like 6 weeks. (And no high heels, either, which for a 5'2" girl who loves her some tall shoes, IT SUCKED BUTT.) Plus I had arch supports, Motrin, ice, the whole 9.

    I listened to what the doc said, though, and took it easy... and now I am running! So just be a good girl and don't overdo it so you can heal up and then go nuts.

    Also! I wear arch supports in my shoes called Spenco ThinSoles... they're about $25 a pair and SO worth it. They might be something to look into eventually for you.

    Glad you got it diagnosed, mama!

    3974 days ago
    I won't lie, I'm just very unmotivated to work out today. My feet hurt so bad, I had a long day, excuseexcuseexcuse. But today, I'm taking for myself.
    3974 days ago
    Much better to fix a problem now than to let it keep getting worse! Take it a little easy, but it's great that you can still use your elliptical.
    3974 days ago
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