Thursday Gratitude & Abundance

Thursday, January 07, 2010

-I am grateful for New Beginnings
-I am grateful for my SoulMate, Best Friend & Boobie = El
-I am grateful for salads and fish! YUM!
-I am grateful that I do not feel horrendously guilty after my super red meat vacation in Puerto Rico! LOL
-I am grateful for my vision (although my sight is getting worse and worse)
-I am grateful for my parents & friends & loved ones.
-I am grateful for SparkPeople and all my Spark Friends!!!! YOU ROCK!
-I am grateful for the cold weather it keeps me feeling GREAT!
-I am grateful I finally got home and into my honey's arms after delay and delay and cancellation in the airport for TWO DAYS!
-I am grateful for warm fuzzies from the least likey person this morning.
-I am grateful for being a spiritual "Quilt Maker." And for those Quilt Makers before me.
-I am grateful for 2010!!!!!!
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