A Non-Surgical Solution for a Panniculus

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I have a panniculus. What is it? It is the technical name for that apron of fat that hangs down in front, better known as belly fat. I have been doing some research on the internet trying to find ways to reduce this big piece of fat, but everything that I've found ends up the same way. There is no way other than surgery to actually get rid of a panniculus. Quite frankly, I don't want to have surgery.

I have been working on toning up my core muscles in an attempt to make my belly smaller. Every day, I do 90 to 150 mini crunches, 2 to 3 reps of 30 each of leg lifts (also aimed at strengthening my quadricep muscles), and about 50 to 100 tummy/tushy tucks (pull in stomach and derrier muscles and hold for 3 seconds). All of these exercises are done to help me with standing up, sitting, walking and climbing stairs. As I have severe osteoarthritis, it is a matter of "use it or lose it".

The mini crunches are done sitting on the front edge a chair with my feet flat on and my thighs parallel to the floor. I then lean back to about 45 degrees and use my core muscles to pull myself back to a sitting position. The leg lifts and the tummy/tushy tucks are also done on a chair. I have two artificial knees and cannot kneel, so I really can't get down on the floor as I can't get back up. I have been adding a couple of line dancing sessions a week as an aerobic exercise.

The result so far is that my upper abdomen is getting flatter. No six-pack, but not so much bulging anymore either. Another result is my ability to get up and down from a sitting position much more easily, and an increase in the distance I can walk and the time I can stand before my leg muscles start screaming. I also have less pain in my lower back (arthritis is now attacking my lower spine). The only thing that does not yet seem to be responding to my efforts is the panniculus. I can see no change in it at this point. I know that as I lose more weight, the belly skin will pull and droop longer. I'm just hoping that by the time I get down to where I want to be, someone will have come up with a non-surgical solution to getting rid of all that excess tissue. One can only hope.
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    Me too.
    2377 days ago
    I suffer from this also...after 3 babies I suppose. Hate the surgical solution also...big risk for me...I think once we reach goal weight it will diminish /.....but my legs and arms are getting too thin? Part of aging I guess

    Good luck...what a great workout you do!

    2642 days ago
  • LINDAJ60
    Unfortunately, CeeBeeMD, no new info. My doctors think that if I just keep taking off the weight, eventually, the panus will be reduced enough not to be a problem (yeah, right). I did talk to a plastic surgeon who will be willing to do the surgical reduction, but only after I've lost 95% of the weight. So I just keep plugging away at the weight loss and maybe one day, in the next few years, I'll have lost enough to have the surgery. Good luck to you, and if you do find any info on non-surgical reduction, please be sure to let us know. Thanks for your comment.
    2648 days ago
    Hi, I just stumbled upon your page doing a google search for non-surgical panniculus removal. I hope you found the answer since this post. emoticon wishful thinking, right? If you know, please pass on the goodies this way. emoticon
    2648 days ago
    I have that too! And after my second kid it is worse. I am in the Military and they said I could have it surgically removed for free! I just don't know if I want to risk the drastic surgery. I hope that they come up with something too!

    Thanks for your Blog. emoticon
    3059 days ago
    I also have that condition. A friend of mine told me that she once lost 100 pounds (but regrettably regained it), and she told me that she strongly minimized the skin hang by wearing a girdle the whole time she was losing weight, so the weight of the skin hanging didn't further lengthen it. I have never lost all my weight, but got within 10 pounds of goal. Regrettably my belly did not shrink fully in accord with the rest of my body, but by wearing a support while I lost the weight I did prevent it from developing ‘the hang'. My belly remained fatter than normal but shrank enough that it didn't droop and there was no skin hang. So I do think it helped me a lot to wear belly support during weight loss. When I got within 10 pounds of goal I quit wearing belly support, and looked ok - just a little pregnant still in my lower belly. I looked really great in clothes, and would now give my eye teeth to be back to where I was - cause right now my panus has become very distinct and hangs a lot.

    3059 days ago

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