What a GREAT day!

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sometimes things just seem to happen for a reason. I won't make myself out to be a big believer in fate or anything like that, but every once in awhile things fall into place and you have to take notice.

A couple of days ago, I went searching all over the forums trying to find fellow restaurant workers who have to deal with "family meal" and very limited storage options for food from home, which are my current saboteurs in my healthy lifestyle efforts. I posted on some topics and found a SparkTeam for just such a group! Score one.

Then I went to work yesterday, and during the lunch hours, a man walked in who I thought looked extremely familiar....I didn't want to ask him because I couldn't think of a tactful way to do it, but I just let him go to his table and proceeded to tell everyone at the front desk about how I thought I recognized him. When they were leaving, I lost my head and HAD to ask him if he was CHRIS DOWNIE from SPARKPEOPLE and you know what? IT WAS!!! I was so excited!! One, that he happened to walk into where I work, and two, that I recognized him! He was so nice and I got a picture with him AND he signed a copy of The Spark! for me!!! Thrilling.
Edit: Here's Chris Downie's blog about it! With pictures!

emoticon emoticon
I've never been linked to before!!!! My day just got even BETTER!

Just on a side note, Al Gore also happened to have lunch that day, AND Stephen Schwartz, famed composer and lyricist!!!! It was kind of a big day - not typical I swear.

Anyway, aside from my excitement over meeting Chris Downie, I was prompted to write this entry because I have been struggling ever since I graduated in MAY and I've been letting myself off the hook and it's no good. I started reading The Spark yesterday and it really helped me remember how hard it is to just START a program, and I was inspired by the stories in the introduction chapters. Since I had done so well last year, I've been beating myself up for letting it all go, but not really fixing anything. I decided to restart everything on Sunday, and on Monday I got a little push in the right direction! So here's to today, and to the next coming days, and every little step I continue to take forward.

I already know what the "right" tools are, now I need to figure out how to implement them with a new set of circumstances! I'm starting again!
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