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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

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I found myself actually thinking this the other day...well, it was New Year's Eve, actually, about 2 minutes after I took the batch of cookies I had just made out of the oven. "What in the world am I doing?!?! I'm supposed to start tracking my food tomorrow!" And I will freely admit, I was sorely tempted to put it off for another day. But I knew those cookies would still be there. And indeed they were and have been...until today.

Today, my mother ate the last cookie that I had made. Oh, we still have other kinds of holiday "goodies" lying around the house (most of it chocolate), but those things don't tempt me anywhere near as bad as the cookies that I had made on Thursday night.

So, while I was glad that I could indulge myself with the cookies, I'm even more glad that they're gone and I don't have to think about them again.

Until another baking impulse strikes, at least. ;o)

On to other things.

I am quite proud of myself today, for I actually got out of bed, got dressed, did my bootcamp video for the day, and even managed to go to water aerobics. Funny how working out in the morning can make you feel like you've accomplished so much.

I had forgotten that feeling--had missed that feeling. I know that it got to the point (when I was working out regularly) that I took that feeling for granted. I hope and pray this time around that I won't forget that feeling.

By the way, I'm not so fond of the whole squatting with the exercise ball thing...well, my thighs aren't so glad for it at least. lol, Especially since they went for a more intense workout within half an hour or so afterward.

Driving to the gym, I saw a bonafide, honest-to-goodness paper boy making his rounds. Not like the one who delivers our paper (whose parents drive their van, leave the sliding door on the side open and he comes, picks up a paper from the floor of the van, and then walks to the door of the house). Oh no, this little boy actually as walking with the vest-bag full of newspapers, removed one smoothly from the pouch on his front, cocked his arm back and chucked it at the front step of the house he was aiming for.

I don't know why I was so amused by this, but I was. Funny the things that entertain you at 5:30 in the morning.

Water aerobics was great...I was a little nervous about coming back, I'll admit. I feel kinda bad about the class because the people there are so gosh-darn faithful to it. They're always there! And if they have to miss, they have legitimate excuses (like being out of town or being sick)...nothing like I have been going through with the whole laziness thing.

Come to find out, pretty much no one has been there the last few weeks, what with the holidays and all. So, today was like coming back from summer vacation when everyone has been off galavanting and had no time for a "normal" routine.

That made me feel better.

But what also helped was the people who were very welcoming when I came back. They included me in their conversations, engaged me in whatever was being discussed (from llamas and alpacas to the Rockettes and snow in NYC...and being forced to shop in NYC because the airport was shut down and they didn't have enough clean clothes to make it the two days longer that they had to wait to leave for home...poor baby, lol).

Today was extra special because, for the first time, I wore my new water aerobics shoes. The lovely new shoes that I have had since some time in October. And they were wonderful. Ever so wonderful. It felt great to be able to bounce around in them. So great, that I made them the object of my picture for today's "Project 365" entry. :)


Ain't they purty?

The instructor there had a pretty set routine when I was attending the class regularly (from the summer through the fall of 2008). It worked well for me because I was just trying to get into the swing of things (it had been a few years since I had taken water aerobics and she had a different style than my previous instructor). Plus, the class starts at 6 in the morning. and I'm sorry, but I'm doing well enough to have my eyes open that early, let alone be cognizant and willing to interact with others. So it was nice to have a pretty brainless workout (brainless only in the sense that you grew used to the movements and the order in which she had us perform them, not that they weren't challenging movements) to start the day with.

But, when I attended the class last fall (and again this morning), she had gone and changed things up! The nerve! ;o) One of the things that we used to do in the middle of the workout (right after we had done a series of jogging and treading water intervals) was to measure our heart rate.

And while the other people in the class couldn't ever find their heartrates or didn't really seem to care (she very rarely got a response from the other people when she asked how high their heart rate was), I actually liked that part because it helped me gauge how I was really doing and make adjustments accordingly.

She no longer does that particular thing. And while I was thinking about how I missed taking my heart reate, it occurred to me that I could find a good waterproof heartrate monitor (one that is meant for people who are swimming or doing water aerobics, but can work on land as well) and that could be a reward for something. I was thinking that it would be a reward for losing a certain amount of weight, but I think I'll use it instead as a reward for having met my goals for January.

I don't think I've outllined my goals for January here, but they're basically to do what I have resolved to do for my New Year's resolutions (get back on track food and exercise-wise, blog regularly, etc...). I have them listed on my SparkPeople calendar, though, so we're good to go there!

Another thought I had last night (and this saddened me) is that I have forgotten how to plan a meal. Yes, I can plan the menu for Christmas Eve dinner, breakfast Christmas morning and dinner on Christmas day (those are easy, we usually have the same thing every year). But, I have the darnedest time trying to figure out what to eat on a day to day basis. I've gotten so used to eating whatever it is my dad decides to make for dinner (which he's often not in the mood to do) or whatever restaurant/fast food sounds good at the time, that I've lost the ability (sort of) to actually plan a meal and have it be a fairly good one.

So, that's something that I know I'm going to be working on--especially when I start housesitting on the 15th and I'm pretty much totally on my own for meals for 3 weeks.

Gonna have to break out the notebook, some cookbooks, and get cracking. ;o)
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    This is Great!!!!
    Moving onward and Forward.. ERin You can do this..
    I have seen you do this before and I know you will again achieve your goals..

    3839 days ago
    That's cool that the water aerobics folks were welcoming you back and the alike! Zumba was sort of the same way today, and it felt good to be back in class and just bouncing about and enjoying some good praise dancing!

    If you ever need some ideas for small meals for yourself, just let me know. I tend to cook big, but sometimes when I need something specific for dinner (say, I'm fairly low on protein by dinner time) I will make Mike something different and then make something geared for just me. At worst, I make something and have leftovers for the next day's lunch.
    3840 days ago
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