injury updates...good news from chiropractor

Monday, January 04, 2010

okay, no i am not magically all better & cured from all my pain & ailements, but things are getting better! emoticon

first, the best news: the fibular head in my right leg is back where it should be!! emoticon i kind of had a feeling it was better when today i didn't see the bone sticking out near me knee anymore, and there was virtually no pain today and next to no pain yesterday....some thing in the back of my knee still hurt when doctor pressed on it (forgot what it was..back of knee..outside/side of crease)...but i'm super super happy this injury isn't as bad as i really thought it was!! that and i guess resting it has helped

now onto the shoulders/pec..they aren't better yet emoticon but they ARE improving...usually when the doctor pressed on certain spots my face squishes up into a ball (his words) and my eyes are squinted shut soo tight...today the pain wasn't as bad and he said hey you're eyes aren't closing as tight as they were...the right shoulder is healing quicker then the left...he said that the "monster spot" in my left shoulder is also a lot smaller then it was when he started working on my shoulder pain a few weeks ago, so that's another plus emoticon

but he also said, if i would have rested and stopped lifting right away the second i felt pain (which i think dates back the ending my last round of CLX in the beginning of dec) instead of working out on top of it, i'd probably be better by now & it wouldn't of got so severe emoticon
will i ever learn? not the first time i worked out through an injury, we'd think i'd know better by now (remember the double tendenitis from june 08)
i have a bad tendency of pushing myself too hard i think

so the doc said that i can resume cardio tomorrow- but absolutely no jumping, high impact or plyometrics to make sure the leg is okay..he also told me to spend extra time stretching after (yea im guilty of rushing the stretching sometimes) i'm just thrilled i can burn off some holiday calories, even if it takes me double the time doing a low impact workout, at least i can do it and not hurt myself emoticon

however, he told me i am still not allowed to touch my weights emoticon
i am icing my shoulders like crazy..i will get treated again weds morning & thurs night, and we will take it from there it looks like..he said it's not likely i'll be able to use my weights before this weekend, and i'm going away this weekend anyway..
i told him my bowflex selectechs are feeling very neglected lately and they don't understand the lack of love they've been receiving emoticon
he just looked at me like i was insane..he doesn't understand how important weight lifting is to me and how much of a difference it makes in my mood, mentality and of course

well at least i can do SOMETHING tomorrow, my sleep hasn't been good the past few nights and i know not exercising is to blame emoticon

i'm going to try that whole positive thinking thing and hope to God i can use my weights and be okay Monday

oh, and thanks everyone for the sweet words, compliments and such on my last blog on the modeling contest..i think i am going to go for it, i can use the $ and really have nothing to lose.

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    I'm glad to hear you are taking it easy! We have probably all tested our limits when injured and only made matters worse! These injuries will heal quickly but without rest, they cannot!

    I think it's hilarious what you said to your doctor... and I can just imagine the look on his face when you said that about your weights.
    emoticon "What did she just say?" LOL

    I can't wait to hear MORE about this modelling contest!
    3911 days ago
    Good news! I was wondering how you were doing! What'd you decide about the modeling thing?
    3912 days ago
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