Day One of Spark Your Body Bootcamp

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ok, I must admit when I first watched the video, I did not think it looked too difficult...just a lot of jumping. Well...that jumping would be great if I had a smaller I cannot jump. It HURTS!! So I did the middle ground intensity of the workout. I kept up my pace and finished the workout. Afterwards, the minute I sat down to watch something on the laptop with Matt, I started falling asleep. Apparently with not a lot of sleep last night, this workout kicked my butt!! And why am I not getting a lot of sleep at night?? Please don't laugh or poke fun, but both Matt and I have been hearing some strange things in this apartment lately. Me more so than Matt. Last night was one of those nights. It was FREEZING upstairs when we went to bed, so I closed the doors upstairs except to our room, and something kept banging on the boys' bedroom door. I thought maybe one of my boys had opened a window a crack or something when they were here a few days ago, but nope. There was no viable reason the door was banging. Then earlier today, I was in the kitchen on the computer, and Matt was in the living room on the laptop, when there was a loud BANG in the boys' room. He went up and checked it out and found nothing out of order or that had possibly fallen to make such a loud noise. So i have been pretty much afraid to fall asleep at night. I finally just pass out from exhaustion around 4 a.m. I am praying tonight is noise free and I am able to get some sleep, but for some reason, I doubt it. But anyhow...Day one of Bootcamp is done and I finished it.
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