My Accountability - 1/4/10 thru 1/9/10

Sunday, January 03, 2010

My biggest downfall in 2009 was not being consistent with tracking my food and being accountable for what I am eating. This is the 3rd day of the year and I started this full court press on eating better and tracking on Monday 12/28. So after a week I can already feel the difference. I just feel so much better overall and have better concentration and a better mood.

My goals for 2010 include
1. Tracking Daily
2. Going to the Y 2-3 nights a week and Strength Training 2-3 days a week.
3. Cardio of at least 30 minutes every day even if it’s just walking
4. Getting back to the 130’s.

As part of my accountability for 2010 I plan to post here to my blog daily with my calories and cardio/exercise for the day.

Daily calorie range for food is 1,460 - 1,810 a day.

Sunday 1/3:
45 minutes on Elliptical – 400 calories burned

Monday 1/4:
35 minutes on Elliptical – 300 calories burned

Tuesday 1/5:
Strength & Tone class – 300 calories burned
Teach Dance Fusion – 600 calories burned (Altho I have burned over 700 when teaching this class!)

Wednesday 1/6:
Teach Double Step class – 600 calories burned
30 minutes Elliptical – 300 calories burned

Thursday 1/7:
I am having Lasik on this day – so no more glasses YAY! No workout though. 

Friday 1/8:
Depending on how my eyes feel and how long my appointment is in the morning if I am feeling well enough I will go to the Y and take at least the Cycling class.

Saturday 1/9:
Take the Cycling Class – 600 calories burned
Teach Strength & Tone – 450 calories burned

Total Calories burned – 3650 for the week

Check back in tomorrow for my next update!
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