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A Promise Kept: My Plan

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The was far more daunting a job than I ever expected it to be, as "having a plan" comes pretty naturally to me in most instances. But for some reason, this kind of plan, where I am the subject and recipient, isn't nearly the same as solving problems at work or for others. Just learning that is an interesting experience. I thought I had moved beyond the "you have to make time for yourself" stage of all this, but I guess there is always more to learn, more to do in that area. I also find it interesting that I thought this to be so difficult, given that really, the plan is quite simple.
So, without further ado..here is my put it on paper and out in public plan...


I've divided my action plan into 3 different areas: exercise, water and diet.

1. Exercise

Because I joined the Boot Camp for Your Body team on SP, the 1st month will follow the boot camp program, which as I understand it is 30 minutes of cardio 5 days/week, M - F, and ST 6 days/wk, M - Sa, and a 10 min cardio video on Sunday.

After the boot camp is done, from the second month on, my minimum will be 30 minutes of cardio 6 days per week (Sunday off) and 3 days of ST (Tu, Th, Sa).

At some point, I will increase either the time or the intensity of my cardio work. Not sure when, I will "listen to my body" on this. But ultimately, I need to do this, I know. This was a real sticking point for me during my good run last year. From Jan to May, I was so determined to up the time to 45 minutes that by May I had stressed myself into taking a whole month off, because time was a real issue for me, and still might be. So, I am going to do the 30 I know I can do, and if ultimately I need more, I might just up the intensity of the 30 instead of extending the time.. No pressure on myself here, one way or the other I will get what I need.

2. Water

I will strive for 8 glasses of water per day.

3. Diet

I will eat in the range of 1500 to 1700 calories per day. I will strive to include at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day. My daily eating will include snacks of approximately 150 calories each in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I will not eat after 8 o'clock at night. This is to stave off my personal kryptonite: late night eating. If it means going to bed at 8 at night, so be it.


Weight goal: lose 2 lbs/week
Activity goal: to be outside, riding a bicycle, by May


Okay, I'm having some trouble with the reward stuff.. but I have a few things I definitely know I want to use as rewards (I'll need that bike I'm planning on riding in May, massages, pedicures..), I'm just having a tough time figuring out when the rewards should be given. Part of me thinks that if I know in my heart of hearts that I am working as hard as I can, I should reward myself for every week or two of good work. Part of me thinks I should have a concrete criteria to go by, the most obvious being actual weight loss, like something every 10 lbs. So, I guess I'm working on the Rewards part of my plan. I'm up for any suggestions, by the way, from the most wonderful group of people I know, my Spark Buddies who are my friends, teachers and inspiration..
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    EXCELLENT plan, T, & like you... this was really a struggle for me. I think Lynn's got some gr8 ideas, and I like her increments of 5 lbs myself- I've even set my ticker to ONLY show a 5 lb goal at a time. If I look at the BIG pic, it gets pretty overwhelming, but the baby steps... give me hope. Not every *gifting/reward/award* needs to be an expensive pedicure or spa day type gift. Even, buying a pretty pair of panties, or a fav magazine at the check out... or... maybe a spa type CD of new age style music... or... a hand full of really pretty postcards that you can use to make yourself an inspiration board... the ideas are ENDLESS sooo... maybe we should brainstorm & come up with a gad-zillion inexpensive but very NICE gifts... hmm... could be do-able. ::hugs::
    3983 days ago
    The reward thing stumps me, too. I've always been an intrinsic vs extrinsic sort of girl, both personally, and in the classroom. But, I know that those little stickers, stamps and Leadership notes go a long way toward "getting my little folks on board" and the longer I do this the more I realize we are all just little folks in grown up clothing. So, I am rethinking this one as I read the spark book.

    I say, a little reward every week for keeping at it, such as a tub soak, or healthy food treat that you don't usually buy cause it costs more. Then a bigger reward for every 10 (or 5 if you ask me) pounds lost. Like a new top, or mani or pedi etc.

    But, you know what will motivate you best!

    You go, my friend!
    3984 days ago
    Feeling good about yourself, and being healthier has to be the best award!!! I think your plan for every ten pounds is good, but what should the award be, I don't know. I never awarded myself, but I guess buying new clothes is always fun?
    3984 days ago
    One of your rewards should be given at the start, if you have a reward program, just because you "started". Reward yourself often because it is a reminder why you are on the program. Rewards are for trying whether you reach your goal or not. If you have a goal program it needs to be positive. Not giving yourself a reward is a negative that leans towards the word failure.
    Personally I don't like the reward program because of its negative connotations. I set goals, and if I miss a goal one week I will try my best to correct it for the next week.

    It is good to have a exercise and eating plan goals that includes a quantitative measurement. Good luck with your plan.
    3984 days ago
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