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Old Me, New Me Goals Part II: The List

Friday, January 01, 2010

Without a lot of fanfare, here is my list of goals that apply to my health and physical well being with just a quick note:
I wanted to make these goals public for several reasons. First of all, I need accountability and feel like that is an important step in my hopes for success. Naturally, I recognize my own personal responsibility, especially when I'm home alone, bored, and know that there are Little Debbie cakes in the back of my pantry, but I would encourage any of you to check in with me regularly to see if I'm sticking with my plans. Secondly, as a novice goal setter, I welcome opinions from seasoned veterans. If you think my aspirations are too lofty or not specific enough, let me know. I value your input! Lastly to keep it fun, I thought I'd include a glimpse of the old me vs. the new me. Just to give you an idea of what I have to overcome...

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for being there to support me!!

Old me: Hmm lets see. Weight Watchers said the top of my goal range for someone 5'4 3/4 is 149. Well that makes my BMI in the overweight range, but oh well the government statistical nerds that set that thing for insurance purposes are unrealistic anyway. Ok I know I look best and feel best when eating to maintain 130 but it's too hard!!! I guess I'll just cut out carbs for a while and try to stay on the treadmill longer.
New me: I want to weigh 130. I know realistically weight fluctuates daily, so a two pound fluctuation in either direction is acceptable. This means I need to currently lose 7 pounds. Here is my breakdown:

EXERCISE: 6 days a week. 4 days of cardio, 2 days of strength training.
Old me: I got out of work 20 minutes late and so as not to get home too late, I'll do just 30 minutes of cardio and skip the strength training. You should rest your muscles anyway.
New me: I'll devote certain days to cardio, certain days to ST taking into account the days I am most likely to be detained at work:
Sunday: Day of rest
Monday: Run 30 minutes - 40 minutes with warm up and cool down
Tuesday: Strength train - 1/2 hour circuit
Wednesday: Free day. Do the elliptical which I love, or recumbent bike if I
have a good book. 30 minutes. 40 minutes with warm up and cool down.
Thursday: Run
Friday: Strength train
Saturday: Run
Tape: Yoga for beginners 2 evenings a week.
Stretch after each run.
Set up my treadmill in my basement so I can exercise at home if I can't make the gym for some reason.
Dig out the Spark People exercises with free weights that I printed off and use my 8 lb. weights if I can't go to the gym on a ST day.

Old me: Track food when it's convenient and easy. If I've eaten out at a restaurant and probably won't find what I ate in the tracker anyway, forget it.
New me: Track everything I eat daily:
Edit my favorites in the food tracker to weed out the one time items I
imported to make my favorites list more manageable.
Add my consistent food items to my favorites list for easier tracking
Track each meal while I'm eating it. Snacks can be tracked at the next meal.
Eat in the lower end of my calorie range until I lose my 7 pounds.
Cut out my evening snack, except for my milk, if necessary to keep the
calories down until I am at goal again.
Old me: Go to the grocery store usually on a weekend and buy what looks good, making menus on the wing.
New me: Menu plan Tuesday evenings when the sales are posted at the grocery store and dropped into my email box. Shop on Wednesdays when I don't work, Saturdays when I do.
Old me: I forgot to thaw any meat for dinner. Nothing looks good in my fridge. I'm too tired to fix anything. I didn't get to the grocery store. Honey, don't bother to make anything: Lets eat out!!
New me: Eat dinner out Fridays for our date night.
Lunch out Saturdays if we are out .
Lunch out Sundays if we go to see my father.

Old me: Coffee all morning and afternoon. Coffee as a dessert with something sweet. Diet coke at least once during the day and always at restaurants.
New me: Don't buy soda at the store.
Order water in restaurants.
Drink at least 8 oz. of milk daily preferably in the evening cold or warm.
Drink at least 64 oz. water daily (3 - 22 oz bottles)
Coffee only in the morning. De-caf tea the rest of the day.

Old me: Weigh every day that I've been eating good. Get depressed if the weight isn't down even though I ate poorly yesterday. If I have eaten poorly don't weigh until I've eaten good for a day.
New me: Weigh every Monday at the gym regardless of what I've eaten. Once a week. No more, no less.

Old me: I'm a runner. I run. I'm going to run a 5K sometime again. I don't feel like I can run 27 minutes straight today. I'll run until I feel too winded and then walk. I'll run until a certain song is done on my ipod and then walk.
New me: Train specifically for a 5K. Look into podcasts or the C25K program through
SP. Adjust running schedule accordingly if I opt to use this tool.
Run consistently at least 3 x a week.
Determine just exactly how many minutes I can run consecutively for what
distance at what pace and increase weekly until I can run 3.5 miles
Make Fitness Sports a bookmark on my computer. It's the local store where I buy my running shoes and they keep a list posted on their website of all upcoming running events in out area.
Join a Spark team just for people training to run a 5K.

Old Me: Go to bed at anywhere between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. depending on how late I am chatting, texting, emailing, checking my friend feed on SP. Wake up the next morning regretting that I stayed up so late. Whining because I have no energy. Drink more caffeine to help keep me boosted throughout the day.
New me: Let everyone from cyber friends to local friends and family know that
after 10 p.m. I am accessible only in an emergency.
Take out contacts and take off make up when I get home and out of work
After last snack: brush teeth, plug in phone, set alarm, wash face.
Restrict caffeine to before noon.
In bed by 10 p.m. Lights out by 10:30.

Old me: Blog when I feel particularly creative or funny or motivated. Fret about whether everyone liked it. Fret if I haven't felt creative, funny, or motivated in a while.
New me: Privately journal each evening before bed in the Planner section - even just a few sentences to keep emotional health and well being in check.
Set aside Sunday afternoons to blog. If I feel creative, funny, and motivated so be it.
If I don't, blog anyway. Writing makes me happy and I like to share with my Spark friends who seem to like me regardless -- Thanks to all of you!!!

There you have it. Just looking at that list seems daunting, especially when added to the many other goals I have related to budgeting, vacations, parents etc. But when I typed it up, minus the old me/new me comments, and posted it on my fridge, it seems doable.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • URSULA125
    What a great post! I gues one reason we may not reach our goals is by not adding the "how." Thank you for motivating me!
    3046 days ago
    These are awesome goals!!! Way to go!! :)
    3057 days ago
    LOVED this post. This is exactly how you will reach your goals! You can most certainly do it!
    3058 days ago
    Wow, great set of goals and way to itemise everything so that you know exactly how you are going to achieve what you want to.

    I love the saying "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail". You just knocked that out of the park with your list and organisation ;)

    All the best x
    3058 days ago
    It's very well outlined!

    My only concern is that if you try so much at once, you might exhaust your reserves of self control by the end of the day. I think it'd be fine to go ahead and try it as it is, but if you find yourself completely worn out by day's end and struggling, you might want to focus on a few things at a time.

    Or you could try looking at the list and deciding what you'd like to make the first priority, and tell yourself "This one is what I MUST do during the next 3-4 weeks, everything else is nice to have and I'll do it when I can, but I won't let myself not do this" and then move more things to the must list as you get each one under control. (The no caffeine after noon and the setting an earlier bedtime ones you might just want to do together though, since they'll affect each other a lot. Drinking coffee as dessert after dinner makes 10 PM in bed a tough sell ;-) )

    Great list though! I love your ambition, I wish I was so brave to tackle things that bluntly!
    3059 days ago
    Boy, the segment on sleep sounds so much like me. I need to adopt your new practice in the new year myself to insure I get adequate sleep. Thank you!
    3059 days ago
  • JAVAJO47
    I really enjoyed viewing the old me/new me comparisons. Surely seeing this in writing has got to make you proud for the adjustments in both attitude and lifestyle. Good for you my friend! You will achieve these goals in 2010 because you have the right mindset and determination!

    Here's to an awesome 2010!!
    emoticon emoticon
    Jo Ann
    3059 days ago
    For a 'non-goal-setter' this is quite the list! Very good planning. I'll let you know if I come up with any kind of a list.
    3060 days ago
    I read your blog on the Denial is a River in Egypt like you mentioned. It helps to put things into perspective as does this blog. Thank you for your insights.
    3060 days ago
    You do not need luck. You have a plan. Never, never, never give up- you are a wonderful person who inspires me to do more, reach out more, do the things that I could not dream of in the past- I'm with you- Let's DO IT!
    3060 days ago
    love how you did your goals - the old, the new. I also won't wish you luck because you determination and drive got you this far and you will continue on your road to success!
    3060 days ago
    You're a person who will achieve whatever you set your mind to do. I have no intention of wishing you luck. (smiling) You're a doer who works hard at achieving goals, and luck has nothing to do with it. But, okay, best wishes for all good things in 2010. ( I didn't see the goal of visiting me in San Diego this year. (smiling) Don't forget to do that in the near future.)
    3061 days ago
    Great goals!!!
    3061 days ago
  • KITTYF54
    I like your thoughts, esp the old me, new me comments. It's a LONG list, though and I worry that it would be hard to implement all of those goals at once, unless you are saying your already on your way with all of those. If not, perhaps you would be able to stick to them if you concentrate on one per month? Overloading yourself is the reason for so many NY Resolution failures. Hope you have a great New Year and get all your goals accomplished. Love, Kitty
    3061 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Sounds Awesome! Great goals and I love how you broke down exactly what you need to change. Good Luck!
    3061 days ago
  • MADDE3333
    Certainly do wish you lots of luck in 2010! Without goals we have no direction and to be realistic adjustments can always be made -- not abandoned but enhanced if necessary. However, sounds pretty much like you created SMART goals...measurable, etc.

    I will be in your corner cheering you and believing (knowing!) you can do anything you put your mind to....

    3061 days ago
    Those are great goal for you and I know you can achieve them. You are such an inspiration to beginners like me.
    3062 days ago
    Great set of goals!! Looks like you have it all planned out and ready to go! Wooo!!
    3062 days ago
    Whew! You can be quite the taskmaster...! Not that these are over-the-top unrealistic...I KNOW you can do this! But what impresses me is the PRECISION of your goals and strategies! That is SO NOT ME! But I could probably use at least a good measure of this...hmmm....I've been reading everyone's goal ideas / plans, trying to pull together something that works for me...not there yet...

    3062 days ago
    You are being pretty ambitious, but if anyone can do it, you can. Just don't be too hard on yourself if you fall off your regime once in a while. Leave some room in your life to sit and do nothing if you feel like it. We'll all love you no matter what.

    3062 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    I've got your back, Spark Sis!!! YOU know what you need to do and PLEASE PLEASE holler when you need support! Got that? By the way, your phone dialed me up yesterday...seriously. Julie's phone is always doing that cuz I guess I'm...well...popular like that. LOL

    Here's to a great and Sparktastic 2010!!!
    3062 days ago

    I like the once a week weigh-in. It will cut a lot of anxiety from your life.

    Happy New Year! XXX
    3062 days ago
    Great goals, good luck to you in reaching them.
    3062 days ago
    Great goals and great ways to achieve them! Kudos to you. I'll be checking back in to see how you are doing. Keep it up! Happy new Year.
    3062 days ago
  • VXWALL1942
    Thanks for sharing your internal processing of the goal setting process. A very thorough job; looks like you are on a winning track. Tracking and consistency are direct relatives to success. I'll enjoy watching and reading about your journey to this awesome place. You're in to win in 2010. Nice knowing you.

    vicki emoticon
    3062 days ago
    That all seems very well thought out and doable, Joanne. I particularly liked the old me/new me contrasting thoughts. emoticon We do have to change a good bit of our thinking on this journey. I fully expect you to reach your goal though I don't think "luck" is going to have anything to do with it!

    emoticon emoticon Cindy
    3062 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/1/2010 6:42:22 PM
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