Am I Invisible???

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ok, I have been on here since November. My first week on here I lost 5 pounds! I was excited! Now since then I have only lost 3, but I haven't been putting in a lot of effort lately either. But I see all these people getting "Congratulations...from Sparkpeople for losing ....pounds." I haven't seen any of that! I also preordered The no SP points or the thingy that says I preordered The Spark. What gives?? Am I invisible here? I don't get hardly any support here at home, and I can't even manage to get a congrats on here from SP like others have been getting. My fiance just went and got me ALL the Biggest Loser workout DVDs and ALL of the Jillian Michaels workout I just got to make him spare the TV for some time during the day to do them. My goal is to do 3 a day. Plus I am doing the SP Bootcamp challenge and The Biggest Loser Season 9 challenge. So hopefully I see some pounds coming off her shortly. I apologize for the ranting or seeming like I am whining...but this is the one place I thought I could count on for support...ANY support. I wish there were at least ONE person close to me that took losing weight seriously so I would have someone to help hold me accountable and give me some motivation (or a kick in the butt) when I need it. But I don't...this site is pretty much all I have for that sort of thing. I REALLY need people to get on my butt and help me with this. I am not a quitter, but I am a procrastinator. I am not always consistent with counting my calories either, which I really need to do, as I have been eating WAYYYYY to much this past week. I feel like I am constantly hungry. So, if anybody out there reads this, please help me. It's not that I don't want to lose weight bad enough either. You have NO idea how badly I want this weight off. I just have NO support here! Plus, it's it's too cold for me to go outside and walk regularly (the cold really plays a number with my knees, as they were injured while at Basic Training years ago and now I have some for form of arthritis in them). I literally am going to blog everyday and keep everyone aware of any progress or setbacks to help me. So don't be afraid to send me emails or comments or whatever making sure I am doing what it is I am supposed to be doing. You have no idea how much this would help me!! So until tomorrow....
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    Hey there, don't be discouraged. there are lots of great folks here with lots of great advice to offer. My name is Greg , father of 3, 36 years old and former fat guy. Feel free to stop by my page if there is any questions I might be able to help with, recipes to share, etc. Don't be afraid to use the Sparkmail as well.

    YOU have a lot to be proud of. You are the one who made the decision to live differently and you are the one taking steps toward your goal.

    Finally I will leave you with something to think about. You can take it or leave it as necessary, but I just want to share something that was of incredible help to me along my path. RECORD RECORD RECORD. When I felt bad or like I couldn't keep it up. I blogged about it. When I hit a plateau and was discouraged, I blogged about it. Having that simple record will allow you to remember feelings of discouragement that you previously withstood as well as to serve as a reminder that the tough times end. I had lost 30 lbs and stopped losing weight for like 3 weeks. It was hellish and I almost gave up, but I persevered and sure enough, the plateau passed. Several months later I went through a similar spot for almost 2 months. I swear to you the reason I did not relapse is the fact that I could look on the screen and see that I felt exactly the same despair before, and since then I had lost another 40 pounds. I am going to subscribe to your blog. I hope you find what you are looking for and I wish you all the best in your endeavor.
    3699 days ago
    Taryn, you have been doing great! I think we have all felt invisible at one point or another here. But you did the right thing, telling us you need more. I'm here if you need to just talk, whine or need a kick in butt. :) And feel free to do the same to me! This has been a rough month for many of us. I'm getting back on track, and together we can get this weight off.

    How do you like those dvds??? I went out today and got the BL for the Wii. And I'm looking to get Jillian's dvds too. I also want to try that Your Shape for the Wii. I like the idea of being able to have my technique corrected if I'm doing it wrong.

    Email me if you want to talk.
    3709 days ago
    You are visible and you need support. This is the path. Talk the talk and walk the walk of Sparkers. Consistency brings consistency in weight loss and fitness. Best wishes for 2010. emoticon
    3710 days ago
    WOW!! I really did not expect the respons I have gotten with this blog. Thank you to EVERYONE who has responded on here, through comments, and by sending goodies. I don't even know what to say, but thank you. So far, I have gotten one workout in today. 2 more to go!! Fiance is out getting me a salad right now, as I am starving after that Thanks Coach Jen for showing me about the icons. I know it might sound funny, but these can be motivational in itself. It lets me see that I am doing something. I will be posting a blog later to let you all know how I did today. Later will be my Last Chance workout before I weigh in tomorrow. I already know I gained weight, as I sneaked a peak already. But with the help and support of everyone here, I WILL get this off!! Thanks again!!
    3710 days ago
    Aaaawwwww sweetie you just are playing with the right folks. WOW I am impressed with your accomplishments you are doing fantastic. Way to to girl. You just stop by my page for a visit any time you will be welcomed.
    3710 days ago
    I'm sorry you're not feeling supported, but it sounds like you're getting a lot of great advice. I hope it helps!
    3710 days ago
    Hi Taryn,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your progress!

    You are not invisible, and i'm i'm glad you felt comfortable enough to express your need to SP! We're all here for the same kinds of reasons... to get fit and stay healthy!

    Please drop by my page or email anytime, and i'll be glad to give you a pat on the back!

    3710 days ago
    First off, congratulations on the progress you've made so far!! From what I've read, you've gotten some great advice.

    Just keep reaching out like you have, and you'll soon have all the support here that you need.
    3710 days ago
  • LAURA2471

    I understand totally what you are saying, and have felt like that at times, but it's about doing your own thing, and asking for what you need. You did that in this post and I'm so glad!!
    If you need a spark buddy, or an email accountability factor, I would love to be of help!! emoticon
    3710 days ago
    First of all, I'm very sorry to hear that you don't have a support system that you can talk to in person and touch and whatnot. I sincerely hope that this soon-to-be husband bucks up and becomes a partner for *everything*, as he needs to be. Buying those fitness DVDs is a start, but there's so much more to it than that, and I hope he figures that out for the both of you.

    Secondly, I've felt like you feel about the support here online myself a time or two. But I think part of that, for me, is my fault because I'm not able to get online here as often as it seems a lot of folks are. I do have some close friends on here that are great support, and all I have to do is usually message them and they're there. This is a *very* large community, and all you need to do really is just look for a support system and make yourself known. I guarantee you that they're out there. (I'm looking at all the messages before my own, and I think this only proves the point.) And don't forget your Sparkteams, too.

    Bottom line, there are a lot of us that are willing to be here to just listen, laugh, cry with you, and give you that little extra push you need. All you really need to do is ask, like you've done here. In the meantime, I'll continue to hope that you get a better support system at home as well. All the best to you, Taryn, and here's to a strong, fit and healthy 2010! emoticon
    3710 days ago
    Hi there!!!
    There are LOTS of us here for you!!! file my name away and sparkmail me ANY time...I will answer as quickly as i am able!! The fact that you have lost already shows your commitment and even though I dont know you yet I'm proud of you for that!! KEEP IT UP!!!
    Your sparkfriend
    3710 days ago
    I, too, have been frustrated with the lack of support here. And then I figured a couple things out: 1) I had to actively pursue it. People were not going to flock to me until I actually made my presence known. How were they to know my struggles, desires, or needs unless I told them? 2) I found two teams that truly seem to get me. I really "fit" there and have found several friends that mean the world to me. It took awhile (I think I was a member for over 8 months before I found a couple real friends), but they are there. It just took some looking on my part. I know it sounds pat and easy, but hang in there. Support is here for the asking!
    3710 days ago
    Hi, so much of what you said applied to each of us at one time or another. Take heart and proceed faithfully. Support is here at SP.

    The best advice on SP is to track nutrition and exercise so you are in balance. Will find your info on points question. You can ask on message boards directly to coaches etc. Go to Community at the top and then message boards, which is second donw.

    There is a link to the Jan. boot camp on your Fit Buckeye Fans team. Go Bucks! Rose Bowl is tomorrow.

    3710 days ago
    Hi there!

    It looks like you've already gotten some supportive responses to your post, but I wanted to add another one :)

    As far as those weight loss icons go, if you click to change your profile picture on your SparkPage, you'll see a link at the top to our Success Icons. Click there and you can download them. We don't give those out- members give them to themselves :)

    The fact that you're here and willing to ask for help and support when you aren't getting any at home is commendable. Keep posting- here, in Teams and/or on the Message Boards- and you'll get the support you're looking for.

    Hang in there!!

    Coach Jen
    3710 days ago
    I am not here for you
    You are here for you
    I don't get help from my hubby, just the opposite
    all the results I have are because of my own resolve not anyone else pushing/helping me
    I am a loner in this quest to lose wt and that's OK I'm only accountable to ME
    as are you accountable to YOU
    3710 days ago
    Hey Taryn,
    Just dropping in to let you know that you are not alone. I know that we don't know each other, but we do share many of the same frustrations and obstacles. The very best thing to do is keep plugging away and continue to share your journey with the SP community.

    As for the 'congrats from SP...' stuff, I believe I can help there. If you update your weigh in numbers on the start page, a comment automatically goes into your activity feed for people to see. I figured that one out the hard way when I didn't ever see any feedback either! Just one more way to shout your success from the rooftops.

    I am going to add you as a friend, and I will follow your blog to help add my motivation to everyone elses. Together, we can all do this!

    3710 days ago
    You've received so much good advice here. I can't think of anything to add. I started out trying to be funny, then decided not to. This isn't funny. Just give a shout out when you need help. Whether it be someone to listen or someone to give you advice. We're here! (Sometimes we're just slow.)

    May the New Year bring you countless Blessings!
    3710 days ago
  • JOANN562
    Hang in there Taryn! SP can be overwhelming & sometimes it is hard to find the team that fits you best, but just keep up the lines of communication & the help will be here. This place is truely amazing.

    Seems your SO wants to help since he bought you those awesome DVD's...maybe sit down with him & make a TV schedule? Remind him that the $$ spent on those wonderful gifts may as well go to other use if you can't get them into the machine to use! ;-)
    Jillian Michaels...I was thinking of getting some of hers. Let me know how they are! ASAP, LOL!

    As far as the book, go here:
    ow.asp enter in your confirmation/order# where you ordered the book from. That will give you the points & the little book icon. Also be sure to join the is very active & you get more points as you read the book...I believe...I have not received it yet.

    I also joined the SP about we agree to keep an eye on each other to keep up the work? Between that & the book, we should have a few things in common the next few weeks at least. emoticon

    Chin up girl, we got your back! Hope to 'see' you around more.

    3710 days ago
    3710 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4238235
    Okay My Dear. You now have a partner! I am adding you to my friends and I am going to follow this blog everyday! WHY? One because you asked. That is a great first step! I am not one to ask for help. But 2 because I know exactly what it feels like to not get help from any one in what I call the outside world. Sounds like you fiance is at least trying to be supportive. My DH would not go do something like that for me!
    I get zero support on the weight loss front at home instead I get the "Just do it" attitude which works for some but not for me. I am a people person. I need some one to boost me up! I need someone to let me know I am not alone. I have a community here and people I have never met that are friends better then I have ever had. It is some thing so useful for me.
    I also know what it feels like to not make the progress you want. I am struggling with that my self as I recovery from foot surgery! So I am here for you. I am a big believer in small steps. 3 DVDs a day sound like a lot to me. If you can go for it. But think about what you can do with out burning out! Also I know it does not sound right but if you are working out that much you might need to increase you calorie intake!! But small steps I do not want to over load you now!!! Small steps!! And we will do it together!!!!
    3710 days ago
    I am here for you :)
    3710 days ago
    I'm here for you, also. I didn't get a congratulations from SP on losing pounds until I had lost 5 pounds in one week. I have periodically changed my icon to my weight loss or to reflect what my goals are.

    As for the boyfriend and the television don't hesitate to kick him off the couch. Get him up doing the videos with you. If that doesn't work, the mean person in me says to pour on the guilt-trip. He paid SOOOO much money to get those DVDs for you, and now you can't use them because the TV is always occupied...
    3710 days ago
    First of all... I'd like to say, what an honor it is to support a vet in any way you need me!! Thank you for putting yourself on-the-line for *me* & I am *here* for you!! You have no idea how IMMENSE this virtual world of SparkPeople is, but you will. And if it's *help* ya' want, there's the MOST amazing people EVER right *here* to help you. Look around... everyone that *sees* this will stand by you, laugh & cry with you, pick you up, grow on you, grow to love you by choice... maybe you'll even meet kindred spirits, sisters-of-the-fates, & brothers-on-the-path. This place is INCREDIBLE!! You'll choose *family* here that'll walk by your side in your darkest moments. Do not fret, or fear that you are EVER alone, Taryn, b.e.c.a.u.s.e.... some of *us* who've been *here* more than a few weeks can certainly show ya' the ropes, or point you in the directions to find your way. You're off to an AMAZING start, with your challenges & goals, girl, sooo... deep breath...

    3710 days ago
    Hey girl. I'm here for you as well. My daughter has been sick and is currently at the ER with daddy so I'm trying to keep myself busy and stumbled on this blog. The last couple days I've been pre-occupied with my daughter that I haven't done much to encourage or motivate but hopefully she will be feeling better and I will be around a lot more. I am going to add you as a friend and will do my best to help keep you going. Like you I don't get much support at home so I've got to be my own motivator. Hopefully I can help keep you going as well as myself. YOU can do this and everyone here at SP will help.

    3710 days ago
  • HIATT3
    im here too. and will add you as a friend for support, i hear you on the procrastination, wanna know how bad I am, I rented the newest last chance workout dvd today, I watched it yep you heard right I watched the whole thing, sitting on my recliner in front of the computer, never got up once. lol I dont get support at home either, so i count on sparkpeople for that support. my life depends on it ! so welcome and may 2010 be your best year ever. your new friend Amy
    3710 days ago
    Hi Taryn - we're here for you! If you pre-ordered the book, you can send an email to and they can help you get the icon and points.


    Chris (SparkGuy)
    3710 days ago
    Tell Matt to share the television! Don't you guys have two tvs? Make an agreement with him that he can only play his games for as long as you work out. If you work out for three hours a day, he gets three hours to play his games...I know....YEAH RIGHT, TABBY!!! LOL! It was worth a try....I am always here if you need anything!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon GET MOVING!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3710 days ago
    Wow it sounds like you need some positive reinforcement! Getting healthy is something you need to do for you and sometimes other people who don't have weight issues can't understand how much effort it takes to change habits. I think if you want to be successful at taking the weight off and keeping it off you need to have support and this site does give that. Reach out to other Sparkers who have stories that motivate you. You have millions of people that are rooting for you! Good luck and keep moving, you can do it! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3710 days ago
  • HHI0901
    You have a lot of teams and friends so I'm surprised you haven't felt more support! I somehow managed to find a sparkbuddy who has been great at keeping me on track throughout my journey this far - we are close in age and have similar goals. I think that really, really helps.

    About the Spark book, I think you are supposed to get some kind of confirmation code you enter on Sparkpeople... but I'm not sure since I haven't bought it.

    Congrats on the eight pound loss! I also got Jillian's DVDs for Christmas so I'll be killing myself with you over them! hahaha
    3710 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFEISAJOURNEY
    Hello, new Spark People person! Welcome to my life. Perhaps we can communicate now and then. I'm an "older woman" but make friends with people of all ages. Would be glad to count you among them.

    The"congratulations from SP" notices come after you have attained a certain, specified "number" of fitness minutes or Spark People points. I don't remember how many you have to reach, but it's a set amount to begin with, then a set amount until the next "congratulations".

    I haven't looked at your SparkPage yet, and don't know if you have done so ~ but a great way to connect with other Spark People is to join a team or two and find a thread for daily corresponding with team members. Soon you'll be part of their lives and they part of yours.

    It sounds to me as though your fiancé is behind your weight loss and living healthy goals. He bought you disks and programs; that's a good start.

    I'm going to peek at your spark page now, then it's off to bed for me... 11:00 means bedtime. You might go to my Spark Page and read the blog I wrote and posted tonight...

    Looking forward to getting to know you,

    P.S, you can write to the HELP section and ask about the extras you get for ordering the book. That's what I did and they answered w/i the day.
    3710 days ago
    Taryn, so sorry you feel this way, do you use the nutrition meal planner, I do, I put in my own food, I do not use the menus provided, you can see samples of my food tracker on my spark page, I will add you to my sparkfriends so you can see it, I started " spark" on November 24, 2009 and I have lost 14lbs so far. You will lose weight if you use your Spark tools. Its working for me, it will work for you.

    3710 days ago
    I am here for you!

    I read your blog and I hear your heart!
    3710 days ago
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