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Endo-Meso Body Type Info

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last day at work tomorrow!! I'm a bit sad to leave all the members I've gotten close to but really excited to move on to a new season in my life. I know for sure I'll have move time and energy to keep up with SP.

Officially failing miserably at the 40-30-30 thing but I am not defeated especially after doing some research on my body type. Wouldn't you know that that ratio is supposedly perfect for my body type. Apparently (well kind of obviously really) I have a endo-meso body type and from what I'm reading it's actually pretty cool. Here are some portions of an article I read online at
. Now I have to take some of this advice with a grain of salt because I think it is really intended for hard core builders who need to shred fat down to nothing and right now, that's not me. I was really encouraged by the article and it gives me some insight on how to get the results I desire.

The Endomorph/Mesomorph - This is a person who obviously carries characteristics of both endomorph and mesomorph. Such a person is perfect for bodybuilding because he or she probably possesses the structure and carriage of the Mesomorph and the tendency to retain muscle like the endomorph. Building and retaining muscle is not the problem. But because they are part Mesomorph, they need to follow a program that will constantly hone a harder and leaner physique. Endo/mesos are big-time water-holders - particularly if they lean toward the side of the endomorph.

Training: Their training should consist of a lot of fairly heavy high-rep work. They need to do plenty of detail and finishing exercise while they are concentrating on the basics - for example, concluding a leg workout with lunges or cable extensions, or doing a great many heavy sets in order to actually somewhat overtrain. I can't say that overtraining is not possible for this type because it is. But overtraining won't occur nearly as soon as it does for an ectomorph, who needs to watch that at all times. The key to this kind of training is variety. Change exercises, use lots of supersets and giant sets, or vary the number of sets.

Diet: Diet is probably the most important consideration for a combination endomorph and mesomorph. Endomorphs in general - whether combo or straight endo - almost always have a tendency to be carbohydrate sensitive and must monitor their intake at all times. Because you are a water-holder, you hold onto your glycogen stores for dear life, so a "cycle diet" is the best kind. One day may be low in carbohydrates (naturally diuretic) and higher in protein, and the next day may be moderate in carbs and moderate in protein. This type usually responds well to fats in the diet to replace carbs used as energy, and on two days of zero carbs with a higher fat diet can get to their glycogen stores much more quickly. The point is that the endo/meso doesn't burn glycogen out of the muscle for a very longtime, and it would take anywhere from three to six days to deplete it all depending upon bodyweight. They can fill up in a day two. Remember, when glycogen is burned too "efficiently" (doesn't burn fast), it is hard to get the fat- loss process going. By "cycling" the diet, you can control fat-burning and muscle loss much more easily. Don't be afraid - if you are this type - to get your carbs down low. You have plenty of them stored away. Remember, you are a water-holder, and carbs can carry three times their weight in water. You'd be a good candidate for a desert island with no food for five days whereas an ectomorph would probably curl up and die!

Cardiovascular: This is another important area to focus your efforts of change on. An endo/meso can look very soft and not appear lean when too many sessions of cardio are done too often and for too long. You are best with the hard ride that lasts maybe 25 to 30 minutes, or two shorter sessions daily if you are running low on time. You are really better off dieting harder and doing less aerobics in order to get lean. Call me crazy, but it's true. And you thought that you were a two-long-sessions-per-day person! Also, you are much better suited to doing your resistance training in an aerobic manner. Don't worry - you won't lose muscle by doing this. An ectomorph would lose two to three pounds a day, but you won't. If you can work toward this goal, you can greatly cut down on those hour sessions on the bike that you have been doing. If that has been your practice, you must already know that at times you look as if you haven't ever ridden a bike in your life!

Great article. If I find more stuff I'll share tomorrow. Got to wake up at 5am tomorrow so I'd better get some sleep.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know this blog is 2 years old, but looking through Pinterest I found meso and endomorph pictures, then I went back to SP to see if there is a group and I still looking until I found your information, I will keep digging. I have the same problem as most of the girls water retention and carb sensitive, geez how much I love carbs (any type).

    Good luck on your journey.
    1925 days ago
    It all makes sense now! I am TERRIBLE for holding water especially if I go over 200g of carbs daily, but I do build muscle easily. Thank you so much for this information :) xx
    2960 days ago
    hi meltnsue,

    thanks to you and this particular blog post I registered to be a member here on spark people. I am an endo/meso body type and I have been lifting weights/ working out for years. I started lifting weights at the age of 16, I am now 30. I've read a lot about body typing but it was not until I read your blog post that it ALL made sense to be about being a water retainer and carb sensitive. I've alway wondered why I reatin so much water?? I had the best body ever in 2007-2008 and thinking back it could be because I went to see a dietician/ nutritionist who put me on a low carb diet ( unfortunatley it wasen't enough proteins in the diet plan so I eventually crashed). It makes me so happy to see your progress because you have the body that I've always knew I had the potential of having and it feels so much more attainable when I see you. You're a real person and not some air brushed picture. My goal for 2010 is to get back to the body I had 2 years ago. I currently weigh 171 lbs and I want to get back to 160 and then push myself to 155 lbs of muscle mass. I do cardio work outs 5 days/week and lift weights 3x/week. My cardio exercises lasts anything from 45 min to an 1 hr. When I look in the mirror I look just like what you described. I look soft but muscular. So do less cardio to eventually get rid of the "fluffyness"??
    I also made and appointment with another nutritionist to get my meals back on track. I'm so serious about my health for 2010 and the rest of my life for that matter and you will be my inspiration.

    thanks sooooo much Meltn Sue :)
    2986 days ago
    well, thanks,.. it makes sense to me now why i still look soft..... i don't burn cals like i should. darn darn darn..
    3031 days ago
    Thanks for the article/information... I am strictly an "endomorph" and all the points in the article were true about my body type... however, I must say that I have also loss weight just by lowering my starchy carb intake and keeping the grams around 80 - 130... with or without cycling my carbs... I think, for me anyway, that it is a matter of just eating low glycemic foods ... With exercise, when I walked at a moderate pace daily, to and from work, totaling 2 hours a day, and burning 600 - 700+ calories/day... After 2 months, I loss a pants size.. . Remembering what Tom Venuto suggests for endomorphs, i.e., lots of cardio, up to 60 minutes... seems to be true in this case, but who has 60 minutes every day... most days I do have this much time for myself, but some times I just don't feel like doing an hour, so the 25 - 30 minutes HIIT or at least higher intensity workouts seem very appealing... But if you remember Tom's premise was that endomorph's need to burn lots of calories with long workouts, and incorporate, preferably full-body strength training workouts to really burn a ton of calories, which agrees with your article, eg., "Also, you are much better suited to doing your resistance training in an aerobic manner"... the best of both worlds, time efficient and effective... this works for me... I am thinking of Jari Love's Ripped series for high frequency reps... emoticon

    .... I look forward to reading more articles ... Thanks for sharing...

    ~ Dee ~ emoticon
    3032 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, very interesting. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3032 days ago
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    Great info!! Thanks for sharing!
    3033 days ago
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