Garmin good! Headcold bad.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love love love my new Garmin Forerunner 305. This is my first real running toy and I'm thrilled with it! It has a heart rate monitor and a switchblade for killing KGB spies!

I'm kidding, of course (or am I?). Here's the real one ... much bulkier and less stylish than James Bond's:

Never had a heart rate monitor before. So I'm learning what my numbers look like, what ranges feel good, what may be close to a max HR for me. (I set my HR goal in the wrong range on my Garmin for today's run ... so the only time the darn thing was happy was when I was panting up a hill ... every time I was in a range that felt pretty good, it kept beeping at me that my HR was too low. Oops.) And I love hooking the thing up to my computer when I get back in from a run and seeing exactly where I went, how fast I went, how changes in elevation affect my HR and speed, and so on. Yes, I admit it ... I'm a geek and love graphs and charts. But I'm also looking forward to having an accurate record of my progress in running, rather than just a vague sense that I'm running more or getting a little faster.

Meanwhile, in other news ... I started to feel a headcold coming on last night. Confirmed it when I woke up at 5am with my throat dry and burning. Let myself sleep quite late to make up for a fitful night and the rest I know my body needs. I went out for my run anyway, but after my second 14-min interval I decided not to do the third one I'd scheduled because I was feeling pretty tired. Still, I ran well over 2 miles plus warmup/cooldown, so that's not too bad considering. I'm supposed to go to a party Tuesday and then help my friends host a NYE party Thursday, so I'll drink plenty of OJ, take my zinc and C, and see how I feel. Need to finish up my diss intro this week, and writing and getting well supersede the social stuff.
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