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You Are The Sum Of Your Choices (poem by R.Slade c2001)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

You Are the Sum of Your Choices

You are the sum of all of your choices-
And you're encouraged to appreciate the moments your heart rejoices.
Strive to make your choices count-
And acknowledge your value to the highest amount.

If you are with people who are constantly putting you down-
Then you really don't need to have them around.
YOU have control to make any choice-
You have a mind and you have a voice.

Everything you decide will be yours to choose-
You'll have to weigh what you'll win or lose.
If you're unhappy- then YOU chose to be sad-
Based upon your thoughts of something you find to be bad.

If you are angry- it's YOUR choice, not mine-
YOUR thoughts will convince YOU whether or not things are fine.
'He;' 'she;' 'they;' 'it' CAN'T make you feel ANY way-
YOU choose how YOU feel by what you think or say.

So, you ARE the sum of all of your choices-
Take heed of your thoughts- your mind's voices.
You do what you do 'cause you choose to do it-
You're the sum of your choices- that's all there is to it.
by Reginald E. Slade Saturday, 10 Mar'01 (copyright 2001)

All of your goals on Sparks can be realized when you choose to do so. Ask for help. Give help.
Read the articles. Join a team or three. Get moving. Keep moving. Stand back up if you fall.

Don't fear falling.........fear NOT getting back up.
Don't convince yourself that you CAN'T do it...certainly you won't. TELL yourself you can, and then.....go do it!......I hope this helps someone.
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