Super fit Super star!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am a super star!!

Never mind the grazing and ignoring of calories over was worth it, and it doesn't matter.

Today I am emoticon'n so much butt!!

First I went for my regular Sunday walk (50 min.). Then I went with DH to his gym...

Now this is the super exciting part...

Last time I was on a treadmill was this past Easter I think. The fastest I could walk was 3.7 miles/hour and I could not run more than 1 minute.

Today... I get on there, start at 3mph and feel like I'm crawling... Up to 3.5 - still not very fast. 3.8!! a good walking speed for me!!! So awesome!! emoticon

But there's more...

I had decided I was going to try running, since I'm able to run on the spot at Curves. I ran 2 minutes at 5mph and decided to back to walking... but I wasn't even tired! After a couple of minutes walking, I tried again... 5minutes!!! at 5 mph... Could I run faster? I tried 5.2mph... I could do it!!! Well, by then I was about 25 minutes into a 30 minute cardio workout, after having completed a 50 minute walk earlier... I was TIRED! so I walked.

Then a bit of ST... I am truly amazed at the improvement in my endurance, balance and overall strength from going to Curves!!

BTW... My Curves will be closed for the next week, as they have to move location. I will be doing my 50 minute walk every day and if I don't go to the gym with DH I will be doing crunches and other ST at home.

(And of course there is Wii Sport - I love the boxing!!)

The gym he goes to is not ideal for me, as it is only open from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. On week days I am awake so early that if I don't get to my workout by noon it doesn't get done cause I'm too tired.

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