good...okay...epic fail...stomach ache

Sunday, December 27, 2009

me & my brother's dog, lucky, on Christmas day. Christmas day was 3 months that Frisco's been gone, was sad.

So much for my motivational blog...i pretty much failed. emoticon

Let's discuss the past 3 days...

Well Christmas Eve at my brother's I actually did quite amazing. emoticon All I really ate were raw veggies off the platter (brought by yours truly. b/c if i didn't bring veggies to their house, there would have been none), a chicken breast & calamari in red sauce...so it was a nice protein dinner...i didn't touch dessert at all!! sucess!!...sadly, the calamari disagreed with me and when i got home that night i wound up throwing up...eeww...and i'm pretty devestated because this is the second time recently calamari did this to me, and i love it. (was broiled or steamed in the sauce, not fried) Okay, so A+ for diane on Christmas Eve..

Christmas Day...it could have been worse. It could have been A LOT worse I guess?
Let's put it this way: breakfast was normal oatmeal w/ protein powder, lunch was 1 scoop of shakeology in water and dinner was just a piece of chicken and a small slice of egg white-spinach quiche..
every form of carbohydrate i ate all day was in the form of cookie. emoticon
okay, so i kinda sorta planned it. After staring at them Christmas Eve, I rationed maybe one day will not kill me. I wanted the cookies so bad. once a year, ugh...But i didn't want EXTRA carbs or calories.
My sister in law jackie makes these stupid delicious things- its like cream cheese with sugar & cinnamon in between 2 thin layers of pillsbury crescent roll flattened out..i think over the course of the day i had 3...2 with lunch...then there were my brother tommy's peanut butter bars...each was maybe the size & length of my pinky & ring finger together..had 2 or 3 of those...plus a homemade snicker-doodle & oatmeal raisin & chocolate chip...oh and a small slice of coconut cake jackie made with icing made from scratch. emoticon
let's say it all together now "WTF??"

now, the craziest part..i woke up the next day and minus the stomach ache (no surprise there) my stomach wasn't super bloaty or gross of anything...who-what-when-where
-how-why???..i was shocked (and grateful) emoticon

but me being the dumb piece of crap i am with food sometimes got an inch and wanted a mile....i might of ate worse yesterday then i did on Christmas Day...

day started off good...oatmeal for breakfast (breakfast is usually .25 cup steel cut oatmeal, 1 scoop choc designer whey, 1 tbsp natural PB & blueberries)...then a protein bar & cucumber for work (was in rush leaving house)...my "2nd lunch" or mid afternoon meal was shakeology again and then 1 PB bar & 1 creamcheese stupid thing (i call it stupid bc of how insanely yummy it is) with it. WHAT DIANE!?!?!?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU????? emoticon
so i made up for it in my workout- i did my strength training, one on one just arms dvd (biceps, triceps & forearms) and then immediately did P90X+ Kenpo Cardio+ which is 40 minutes of crazy jumping around cardio to make up...so not the end of the world...

but here is the killer: i went to my friend's house after dinner to play Wii & watch movies....i brought them leftover cookies, ate 2 of my clean eating chocolate cookies from last year's holiday issue (best. cookies. ever. btw. super super chocolatey)...
while i was there for the most part i was doing good restraining my willpower...then my friend's mom brings out these chocolate truffles from france emoticon oh hell, what's one french truffle at this point??..well, holy crap it might have been the very best piece of chocolate i ever let go on my tongue in my 23 years of eating chocolate....so yes, i had two emoticon
was still manageable...but then 2 small gingerbread cookies, 1 sugar cookie & a few handfuls of microwave popcorn later....i screwed up...
want to ice this cake? peanut M&Ms...sitting in my face...ugh...had some of those too.
(at least playing wii burns calories?)

no there's no excuse for my behavior...it's like once i get a taste of sugar, i can't control myself...how gross...i woke up this morning...abs, abs, where are thou abs???...and my stomach is killing me...i feel very tired, heavy & lethargic...
on top of the sweet, i had the dairy in the cream cheese so yeaa

more crazy cardio later today..back to super clean eating...my stomach will flatten out again in a few days...it really is magic how what i put in my body can change the physique so much...i take it as my body saying "okay diane, you want to feed me $h!t, well fine, then i am going to make you look like $h!t until you get your act together lady"

hey, at least the holidays are once a year..no stupid cream cheese pastries or pb bars for a nice 363 days emoticon

but one of my resolutions (i should keep a list in one place): learn how to not snack and graze when with friends...cause that's been a problem more recently.

hope everyones holiday was merry!

here is a pic of me with one of the most awesome presents ever: every single peanuts comic strip ever in one book...i am obsessed with snoopy, so this rocks

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I couldn't even read this whole blog... it was making me hungry! LOL
    Girl, don't fret, you are right to say that Christmas only comes once a year, now let's move on! Back to our regular routine... no french truffles under our nose to tempt us, no Christmas baking luring us to the kitchen! You know what you need to do, and what makes you feel your best... let's make 2010 an awesome year!

    I definitely PLAN on it!!!!
    3947 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3514403
    I'm the same with sugar. Once I start I can't stop and I really feel like cookie monster! emoticon
    3950 days ago
    This made me laugh. Not you getting sick or not sticking to your plan, but your writing style. Too many times I can relate to what you wrote. I will not allow sweets in the house because I will eat them. My wife doesn't allow salty snacks in the house cause she will eat those. So we don't have junk food in the house very often, makes it easy to stick to the food we are suppose to eat.

    Anyways you look fantastic, your hard work has paid off.

    3951 days ago
    Hey hun..first up you kept traning..2nd you accept what you've done and how it makes you feel and lastly you're not the only one to do it..by the end of xmas day i looked about 6 months pregnant!! i ate evrything that was put in front of me and more!! I ran on boxing day and felt about 10 stone heavier,all lethargic and crappy :( Missed training today as i'm trying to ease up for a week due to my body screaming 'i'm done' for the last 2 months!
    Back on the wagon again but don't beat yourself up xx
    3951 days ago
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