Saturday December 26, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good Evening Spark =]

Today I finally got the relaxation I've been craving(for the most part haha). Kara and I got up around....8am or so. We got some coffee and came back upstairs to relax. She cleaned up some stuff around her room while I pretty much just laid around all day. I took an amazing shower, did some dishes, and that was pretty much the only activity I got today!

I DO have some fantastic news though =] I weighed myself this morning(a day late on my weigh in none the less!!) and I called the scale a liar. I turned my scale on and off a few times and kept weighing myself. Each time it read 226!!!

I have this irrational fear that the scale is actually lying to me, and the next time I get on it its going to read 240(where I've been for a WHILE). I guess its hard for me to think I can actually lose weight. Convincing myself I can actually do this seems to be the hardest part.

So I'm down 24 pounds from my highest weight when I started Spark back in March. This is exciting to me.

I also noticed a pair of jeans that I JUST bought...they were a bit snug(haha can you say muffin tops?!) I brought them on this trip because I only have 3 pair of jeans total that aren't worn between the legs. I didn't think I was going to wear them because they ARE so tight. I put them on and the seemed to button much easier. Then I noticed they were starting to slip. They are on the verge of being too big. Hooray! Goodbye size 18

These past couple of days have been super exciting. We haven't been able to work out(could have today I guess) and we feel wierd without my elliptical but tomorrow is a new day. It's my vacation and I just wanted to lay around today. Ahhh rest =]

Sundays are days of reflection. I intend to spend it figuring out my moves for 2010, and doing some reading and some cardio!! The WTTS challenge starts tomorrow!! Lets go Hot to Trot Cuties!! Definitely the most fabulous ladies around.

Spark on!

Richie Rich and Cocoa time =]
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