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Sunday, December 20, 2009

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ok, so i didn't flat out go & eat a cookie knowing it's bad for me. no, really i didn't. here is what happened: all the snow trapped me in the house yesterday. so after my crazy lower body workout, i decided "why not bake some healthy treats so i am not tempted by moms homemade goods?"
My mother has been baking various cookies (unhealthy, normal cookies) all day long to the point you can't even see our dining room table now. I was good, I didn't have one. Didn't truthfully want one, even those the aroma was quite sinful. emoticon
So I decide to make vegan chocolate carob cookies (recipe here: i left out the cardamom & also added 3 scoops of chocolate whey protein. aoso the whey takes the full vegan aspect out, but has protein. you might have to adjust your liquids to compensate the protein powder www.examiner.com/x-24724
As my cookies are baking I decide might as well shower, because well you know, I like being clean & all that. I asked my mom to take them out of the oven when the bell goes off for me. She did...but SHE PLACED THEM ON THE TABLE WITH ALL THE OTHER COOKIES. emoticon
My healthy cookies look very similar to her chocolate chip and her oatmeal chip and they were all together..."mom which ones are mine??" "i think these-, or no wait, maybe these?" I love my mom dearly, but she is a space cadet at times (it's where i can get it from) CRAP!!!
So it was time to play russian roulette with the cookie tasting. After staring at the cookies and analyzing them, I picked up a cookie which i really thought was one of my healthier ones and well, it wasn't. emoticon Don't get me wrong, it tasted yummy but I knew after a few bites it wasn't mine.
At that point, the cookie was small enough, I just finished it. Damage was done and man it is a homemade chocolate chip cookie, not like it's liver or something nasty i ate LoL.
I felt the effects of this sucker almost immidiately. Because of the butter, milk & dairy in the thing, I got such bad stomach pains, and cramps and such that even my lower body hurt and i was laying down on the floor practically in tears. it's terrible that a little bit of dairy can ruin me like that now emoticon
But not only that, i woke up today "soft" Abs?? Abs?? Come out, come out wherever you are. My stomach feels heavy & horrible and is not as flat as it was pre-cookie. Granted, I'll be super clean eating again and work out and in a few days (hopefully by xmas) I should be fine, right now i am VERY annoyed at my mid section.
Nonetheless, the truly amazes me just HOW MUCH of an impact what you eat can play in your physique and body. I feel a heavy feeling in my stomach like I said and don't feel as light & airy as I was feeling. And my mood is worse too.
Oh, and I never got to try my vegan cookie. Was scared to take another wrong one. Dad ate all 3 cookies, not knowing which is which and said they are all good. For my anti-health-food father not to complain, OR EVEN KNOW which cookie was which, that has to mean something about the taste. emoticon

and quick shoulder update- yesterday i did all lower body workouts: brazilbuttlfit tummy tuck & bumbum and one on one butt & belly...the day before i took ANOTHER active rest day, more walking around manhattan in freezing cold...but my left shoulder feels good and my right only has slight pain, which i am thankful for! Right now i'm debating to give my arms ONE MORE DAY rest or to go easy. Think I'm going to take it easy, to be extra safe. Though the triceps are looking GROSS from the lack of weight workouts. Oh, and i realized rbazilbuttlift is not for me- way tooo dancey, ballerina-esquey for my personal taste.

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    susan- you are so right about the motivation thing because of how i feel...

    it's mot so much that it's junk that upset me, i got the stomach pains from the butter & milk in the cookie because dairy has not been kind to me as of lately emoticon

    jess- u know how i am with beating myself up, really have to work on that!

    thanks for the words everyone! emoticon
    3959 days ago
    Amazing how much you were affected by just one cookie - sorry to hear you were in pain! Well, the good news is that your cookies must have looked good, and must have been eaten by people who didn't even know that they were eating something nutritious! And motivation to eat healthy must be a little easier when you know just how bad you feel from eating junk.
    3959 days ago
    My body is much more forgiving! I definitely need to eat an entire unhealthy meal before I feel soft and heavy.
    I can't believe how much stress ONE COOKIE caused you... I think the stress alone is adding to your other body aches! Seriously, girl... be KIND to yourself both mentally and physically!

    And besides, you'll get that cookie out of your system in ~12 hours, and then all is well, right?
    3959 days ago
    Thanks for the recipe and it is truly amazing how much of an impact your food has on your body. You'll get back on track and feel better soon. Keep it up!

    3959 days ago
    So sorry about the cookie thing. Hope you feel better soon. emoticon
    3959 days ago
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