size 6????!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today I caught up on all my holiday shopping and i'd been obsessing about holiday pictures and having a good outfit for christmas, because I am a femme just like that! =)
I was going to hit up Macy's or Ann Taylor, but found myself in Ross (which is a discount store just like Marshalls) and found this awesome purple dress in size 8. I run to the fitting room, pushing and shoving all the way through the masses of meandering shoppers. I had boots, skinny jeans, and three layers to take off, so I got into the dress and it was too big. It is a knit and a bit stretch, but definitely too big. And not that cheap either. So i put back on ALL my clothes, scarf jacket ect and hurl myself back into the throng of shoppers to hunt for a size 6, thinking of course they won't have one, and at first they didn't! I decided to keep looking for a dress and hidden INSIDE another dress, so someone was clearly trying to hide the dress, was the size 6!!!! i couldn't believe it, I ran to try it on again, waited 30 mins for a fitting room, again, and off with all the clothes. In the end, it was so worth it because this calvin klein dress was 75% off! even cheaper at checkout than the tag said! So.... drumroll pleasee.... size 6!

FYI- this was me a year and a half ago in xl, 16+
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