Today's progress and an amazing gift.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Check that out!!
I received this GPS as a Christmas gift from my best friend!! We have been best friends for 25 years now, and since we have a hard time getting gifts for each other (we have very different tastes) we had agreed on pajamas at Christmas, since we both love them and can never have too many...

Does this look like pajamas???

We live about 7 hours apart so when we receive each other's Christmas gift we get on the phone and open them together. Clearly from the size and weight of the box it was not pajamas! She explained that she splurged on everyone this year. (Her dad died in October and left some money), but I was so not expecting something like this.

It's actually a great gift for me as neither my hubby nor I has any sense of direction whatsoever and I can get lost in my home town!

Anyway, as far as progress... well, I met my calories-burned=by-exercise goal for the week - 3000, and I lost another half pound!
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