Super Funny! Egg white Omelette- HOLD THE ONIONS NICOLE!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I TRIED to make a healthy breakfast for my self and Cole this morning. Let me begin by saying, I don't cook.... at all. Why you ask? Well it's not that I am lazy, or don't apply myself to cook. The fact of the matter is I suck at it.
For example I was so excited one night to cook for my sister and at the time her boyfriend (now hubby). I made a very simple recipe, pineapple chicken. I claimed this dish to be my specialty. Scott (my sisters boyfriend at the time, now hubby) cut right into that piece of chicken and said, "Nicole, why is the chicken pink?" I responded, "I thought that you liked you meat medium?" Little did I know at the time chicken should not be pink AT ALL!
I would have to say my second major problem with cooking is I just get so excited to create something that I keep adding and adding.
I made Chili for a friend a few years ago. It was awful. For the chef of this creation to say that you just know it had to be bad! I added everything I could find including the kitchen sink lol! I am talking pickles, olives, even peaches. I swear to you this is true! My poor friend took one look at the pot, and said let's just order in tonight!
Which brings me to the Oscar Meyer Chronicles blog of today- the omelette.
Let me start off by saying I liked it. I began with southwest style eggs beaters, added chopped up mushrooms, red peppers, and onions. I stopped adding there. GO ME! The veggies ratio I would have to say over powered the egg beaters- but veggies never hurt anyone right? I was wrong!
I love love love onions. If I could eat purple onions with everything I would. My sister is the same was. As kids there were several times we did eat a few whole. ;)
Back to the omelette fiasco.
I called Cole to breakfast. I was so excited. I never made anything like this before. Poor guy.
I had already took a few bites. Ok so the onion taste was a bit strong- even for me , but I had to act like I enjoyed my cooking- I could not back out now.
His plate looked so pretty. I placed an English muffin on the side for him just in case he needed some bread to sooth his taste buds!. I had the salsa on the table as well. I thought he would add that before he took a bite to dilute the onion taste. I was wrong!
He sat down and said, "Wow babe, thanks for , making breakfast!" GO ME- RIGHT.... JUST WAIT!
He took his fist bite, and actually swallowed. His eye's began to water. He said, "Baby, what exactly is in this?" I told him the ingredients.
He took another bite. No joke his upper lip began to sweat. He said "Baby, how many onions did you put in this?" I said, " A half an onion."
Poor Cole took his last bite and said, "Baby, I can't take this. OMG. I think I am going to be sick. I appreciate you tried to cook, but damn hold the onions next time!"
He left the table, and went straight to the bathroom- I will spare the details there.
So I guess this recipe won't be added to my so called cook book.
The Moral of this blog... When you make an omelette- hold the onions!
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  • TIAD21
    OMG, that is hilarious! You may not be able to cook, but you sure are funny emoticon
    4001 days ago
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