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Gosh, it has been a long time since I signed on and checked things on Spark. Many times I had no access to a computer and when I did, I used the PCs at the timeshares and they were quite busy. Please forgive the delay in news!

HELEN, GA.---11/8 THRU 11/17

First, we spent a week at a timeshare called "Loreley". It was a very rustic, Bavarian type condo that had a loft with 2 beds, t.v., dresser, closet and its own private bathroom. We loved our time there so much that we extended it another four days as this was our oldest son's favorite place to spend time when he was very young. He loved the layout of the town---very Bavarian! Too bad he had so much work with the merger of Wachovia and Wells Fargo. He would fly to Charlotte, NC while we were in other areas of the eastern part of our country. This was our only sadness in not getting together.

We stayed at a cabin along the river, where in the summer they raft and tube----it was simply beautiful and peaceful. We enjoyed sitting by the river in the crisp, cold air.

How my hubby wished he could fish there, but he did not bring his gear---I kept telling him to busy some to have some fun as he spoils me with all that I ask for! Well, almost all (and that comes later)--LOL

We ate at so many different German Restaurants until my pants were bursting. No amount of walking and sightseeing helped me with that "beast" that attaches to the waistline!! Here Jim bought me a couple more "Dept. 56" buildings to remember this part of the trip. I did want a couple of Jim Shore items, but we were going to get them on our return trip after Thanksgiving! Not!!

We spent our 11 wonderful days in Helen and then we had a quick drive to visit one of my best friends from Ca. who now lives in Dallas, GA.


Vonnie looked so good! We had a wonderful visit, we shopped, lunched, went to see the movie "Blind Side"==which I highly recommend, cooked at her lovely home and just caught up on all that we both knew about everyone we know from the mountain town we lived in. She used to play the piano in the Church we attended, for years!! A great Christian friend. I loved having "girl time"---it has been a long time!

ROSWELL, GA.--11/25

Now, for the "frosting on the cake"--I met my 3rd SparkFriend, STEFFI1264. What a wonderful person!! We met in a town of her choosing that was located between our two respective places. The town is called "Roswell" and she chose a super French restaurant called "Pastis". Unfortunately, I had those awful panic attacks before leaving our friend's home to meet Steffi. There was a great delay in our packing which delayed our visit by an hour. If I would have known this was going to happen, I would have packed up the night before, left my best friend's home and reserved a room in that wonderful and quaint town.

Steffi is absolutely beautiful inside and out---as I knew she would be!! We had a wonderful time learning about each other and I was certainly surprised that my DH was so comfortable during our luncheon. Steffi had such wonderful stories that she kept my husband very interested for our short-lived time together. How I forgot about being home for the little ones when school let out, I will never know. Looking back on it, we should have just met on another day when Jim and I didn't have to pack and we would have had more time with Steffi. I love being with girlfriends and doing the "girlie things" some of us love to do. All of a sudden our time was up as she hurried to pick up her children--AND, OF ALL THINGS--NO PICTURES TOGETHER. One of the biggest faux paus of my trip. And, I had the camera positioned in my purse that was easy to get to--just for this occasion. Needless to say, this saddened me!!

Before leaving us, Steffi gave us both some great ideas about where to shop for what in this cute town. She had the time to peruse it while waiting for us! I, quite literally, took her suggestions to heart! I bought some wonderful broaches in a boutique a few doors from the restaurant and, while my DH was waiting for the tally, I noticed 2 large gnome fairies for my collection. I feel the only reason my DH gave in to that purchase was I talked the owner down in price, that he would send them to us (they would NEVER fit into our car at this point of the trip) and most of all, one of the fairy gnomes looks like his best friend!! Of all things!! Honestly, the gnome looks like Jim's best friend posed for the face on him!! They are very different from our other ones. Jim had me call Steffi and share with her that the lunch cost him a lot more than he expected---laughingly, of course! And, they were waiting in the snow, by our garage door when we returned! What a memory---thank you, Steffi!!


We then went back to Helen, GA as well as Dahlonega, GA, which is the town just a little south and west of Helen.
Dahlonega is the town that the Cabbage Patch Hospital is for those wonderful dolls. As a matter-of-fact, when we dined at the famous Smith House (where gold was discovered in GA), I thought we would finally make it to visit those babies in that hospital. This is the ??th anniversary--I think 40th for the distribution of these famous dolls. While dining, a woman came in with a newly adopted baby doll. She held it all through dinner which is served family style. I, personally, didn't think the food was as good as when we were there in 1984, but the experience was still wonderful. We bought some gifts for friends in St. Augustine and also, for our oldest son for Christmas. He will be thrilled!!

I saw a beautiful signed print on the wall positioned next to where we were waiting for our table. The sage border would look great in our master bedroom and I would have loved to hang it on a particular wall, BUT, Jim put his foot down---not because of the cost as it was very reasonable with the fancy lazier cuts on several borders---and, the frame, too! He thought I wanted to try to squish it in our Lincoln Towncar which was only carrying a print I bought on our first night of the trip and some books I brought along. I can't believe how fast a vehicle fills up when traveling - and we have no children with us!! LOL

If there are any doubts, just ask SING4MYFOOD (Keroline) and she will attest to what my DH was dealing with!! But, I would rather buy things for my home that remind me of my trip---only periodically---than eat out. My DH, on the other hand, would rather have both!! Just like a man!! And, on our latest drs. visits, it definitely shows that he was overeating and eating all the wrong things as his cholesterol rate was in the mid 200's. He has had a 6-way bypass, 3 years ago and felt he was invincible since he was also taking cholesterol meds. and I warned him as us "wifies" tend to do, but to no avail. He was walking all the time, especially when on beaches, but I guess it wasn't enough. It is a family inherited thing!

HILTON HEAD (yet again)--11/27-12/4

Then, we traveled back up to SC because we still wanted to get to Savannah, GA. We went back to Hilton Head, SC for another week, at the same place "The Marriott SurfWatch" and this time we had a beautiful 3-bedroom room. Unfortunately, we only had two decent days of weather for walking on the beach. It was so cold!! We did lay at the swimming pool that was located right on the beach and all those sand flies fed on me like it was a dinner at the "White House"!! I still have the bites on my body and will be scarred again. If anyone has any clues about how to subdue "itching from bites", I would be forever thankful!!

Due to the fact that I wasn't feeling very well this time around, we never did make it to Savannah, GA, as planned. Oh well, next trip out east!!

We ended this part of our trip on Dec. 4th! But, our travels to the ocean are still not finished! I thought I would be meeting, yet, another SparkFriend! And, also, to try to meet Steffi on our return from the next leg of our adventure!!

Darn me, I should have taken the time to use the PC at the timeshares or libaries when I didn't have wi-fi on our journey. These could have been shorter entries!! Oh well, for all of those who really know me, know that would probably be on the impossible side of my life!! LOL


Wishing you all a wonderful and healthful week!

Peace and blessings,

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  • STEFFI264

    Dear Vicki
    I have not sparked in a decade
    3749 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Vicki,

    I am wondering if Helen GA that you visited was the same town we visited when my brother lived outside Atlanta in 1988? Is it kind of in the mountains and a German type village? I remember pushing my oldest daughter in her stroller while we were there--and it was August. She got a bit sick and we had to do a complete baby change. (My now 21 year old was 2 1/2 months old then.) We went shopping at some beautiful Christmas stores and we still have some lovely glass angels from this town hanging on our Christmas tree.

    We always try to get ornaments for our tree when we travel somewhere because it helps us to remember and reminisce when we decorate and enjoy the tree. Your print sounds lovely--but the ornaments take up little space. emoticon Did you consider having it shipped home after you knew you would return?

    We haven't traveled much, too expensive with 8 kids and now, too hard to schedule with everyone working and in college and so on. I have enjoyed hearing your tales and am looking forward to your stories about the beach. We enjoyed the ocean when we got to see it a few years ago. That was a high point for us as tourists when we got to go to visit my brother (same brother) who now lives in FL.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Sylvia
    3758 days ago
  • ZEE1960
    sounds great
    3764 days ago
    WOW what a trip you had! I like the "Helen" place you re-visited ... nice name :)

    3764 days ago
    If you ever come to London emoticon I'd love to meet up. Glad you had a great time even though you didn't always feel good.
    Take care
    Jackie x
    3764 days ago
  • LINDA!
    What a wonderful time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your travels!! Happy to hear from you again. Continue on and have a safe journey.
    3764 days ago
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Welcome back to Spark!!! We missed you!!! Make sure you make it to Savannah, Georgia on your next trip. Schedule your trip there over the first Saturday of the month. They have some wonderful events scheduled at that time. There is always Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady And Sons in Savannah too!
    3765 days ago
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