shoulder pain =(

Thursday, December 17, 2009

so my shoulders have been hurting me for about a week, maybe a few days over now..kind of hurting in the delts/upper bicep region and specifically the area where the chest muscle meets the shoulder... emoticon

knowing better then to work through pain, i said "fine body, you want rest. i'll give you rest" so i did not work my upper body with weights since last friday...> emoticoni am obsessed with working my arms- it's my all time favorite kind of work out to do and i usually never miss my 3 times weekly weight day unless i'm practically dying so i can't even explain mentally how hard it was for me to rest...my arms are my least favorite body part- i always found them big, beefy & nasty looking & had batwings that can rival the superhero...i always wanted beautifully lean sculpted toned arms like jillian michaels or kelly ripa or jessica biel or zuzana from bodyrock.tv

so i did tell myself i'd take a recovery like week since i completed round 2 of chalean extreme, but still it's hard...especially because for once i am slowly noticing tone & change in my arms!!

so anyway, i did rev abs sunday, monday was complete rest, tuesday i walked around the city and wednesday i focused all on lower body and abs again...

monday i had an hour massage- my neck, back, blades & shoulders hurt so bad my massage therapist didn't even get to do my whole body (poor legs)

i iced my shoulders at least twice a day every day this week.

and i work for a chiropractor so my coworker/friend/chiro has been working on them at least 2 times this week too...

anyway, today my shoulder pain was feeling considerable better because my chiro worked on it a lot last night...yay...so what do i do? p90x shoulders & arms today...am i a complete dummy? YES.... emoticon

ok so i did the program saying i'd listen to my shoulders and went lighter on weights with shoulder exercises...but still...should not have done it..pain is back a bit...i told my chiro today the name of the workout i did and i thought he was going to knock me through the wall.

my chiro really insists i don't do upper body moves until it feels completely better...i feel if i don't work my arms once a week my triceps start to look super soft again (part of me knows its more mental then reality, but i still can't help it)... emoticoni'm frustrated right now..my mind wants to put the hard work & effort into sculpting my dream physique, but my damn muscles keep getting in the way and ruining my plans.

he also said they hurt because of overuse and it's not an actual injury (thank God)...he said i was probably lifting too heavy for too many reps and ignoring slight pain when i should of not pushed myself...

i have the opposite problem of most- a lot of people lift too light then what they are capable of, me- i push myself too extreme and go heavier then i probably should. emoticon

i guess i will take it easier on the shoulders the rest of december..i am going for at least one more massage and of course the chiro is there...i want to be nice & fresh for my chalean extreme round 3 on jan 3rd!

so please pray for a Christmas miracle that my shoulders feel good so i can complete rock chalean extreme again come january! thank you everyone!!

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    Oh, noes! I hope you feel better soon. It's such a drag to have to cut out certain things or drop down weights but it's worth it in the end. By healing, you'll be able to get stronger - you know that!

    I pulled a tendon/ ligament in my right shoulder the 1st week of Lean Phase in my 1st Rotation, too!

    Muscle? Weeks. Tendon/ ligaments? MONTHS! emoticon
    3965 days ago
    I've had a shoulder problem for a long time and it is finally getting much better. So I can sympathize with you I have been so frustrated not being able to do arm exercises.

    I'll pray for you!
    3966 days ago
  • KIMMIE124
    I do hope your shoulder feels better soon.
    I usually try to run 5 miles per day, but I had a hard, tight feeling inside of my calf, so I went to a sports doctor. He thought that I possibly had a blood clot in that leg, and suggested an ultrasound. I have to take aspirin every day, but I've insisted on still running. If I don't exercise, it leads to weight gain and ups my risk of stroke, diabetes, etc. I think that I'm either stuck relying on technology (with no health insurance), or trying to help myself. I'm pretty independent, so I'm trying to work it out.
    I guess I'm just trying to say, that I know what it is like when your body isn't complying with what you're trying to do. It is frustrating, but hang in there, because there are others in the same boat. I hope we both get a nice Christmas, regardless, and that you are back to your old self real soon. Take care, and healing blessings.
    3966 days ago
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