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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok so, I'm not trying to blog about every little thing, but I want to be able to reflect back on the changes that I'm committed to making =]


Food today was good =]

I had about 3/4 cup of apple cinnamon cheerios which I didn't finish all of
1 cup of cut up grapefruit and some lo cal sugar substitute.

I had a turkey sandwich on 12 grain whole wheat bread with mustard and provolone. Still no spinach, its still missed =[
5 baby carrots
1 string cheese

Since I'm all about some photo food blogging...

Afternoon Snack:
Baby carrots yum =]

I'm not super proud of dinner, but it worked for me.

I had a chicken ramen cup. I ate about half the noodles and drank the broth. I feel bad about the sodium....
I also had an orange, 4 baby carrots, and a couple pieces of cheese.

I've failed to mention this, just because its personal-ish. I'm actually allergic to citric acid. So pretty much all fruit and acidic veggies I have to eat in moderation and really watch myself. It causes my gums, tongue, and throat to swell. It also causes multiple blisters and canker sores in my mouth and down my throat. Soooo I have to be reallllllly careful.

I had grapefruit for breakfast, and an orange at dinner. Now that doesn't sound like a lot but my mouth is on fire and my lips are raw. To combat this allergy, I drink milk. Now I didn't have any after my breakfeast grapefruit. I decided to treat myself with a cup of chocolate milk. Therefore serving as my dessert and a necessity. I was going to have to drink the milk regardless. The bad new is it has to be whole milk. The milk acts as a base to the acid and neutralizes it. Anything less that whole is too..."diluted"...for lack of a better word.

anyways....today has been a good food day =] AND I got 5 glasses of water. One more than yesterday.

Baby steps.


I did 11 minutes on the elliptical. Compared to yesterdays 15, I would normally consider that a let down. However, I noticed in the last minute of my routine, that I was set on level 5 resistance. I've been working the last week at 1! This is very exciting. Yes my legs were on fire, but I did it. Not only that, but I felt great after I got off, I wasn't nearly as winded as I normally am when I'm done on that beast. So hooray!!

Baby steps =]

Everything else...

I've also decided I need to sit down and redefine and make some new goals. I have to have a purpose for every single day and every single week. I feel like when I try to plan too far in advance, I get overwhelmed and one minor derailment sends me right back to square one. So instead, I'm going to focus on weeks. One week at a time to be more specific.

I didn't have any set, detailed goals. They were lofty at best.

I wanted to watch my eating
-I did this! I made a list, went grocery shopping, and perimeter shopped. Hooray!

Work out for atleast 10 minutes every night after work
-Since monday I've worked out 3/4 nights. The night I didn't I went to bed heavily medicated for a migraine I'd been fighting since Sunday. I've done 10-15 minutes every night on 1 and tonight I did 11 minutes on 5! Hooray!

I wanted to get more water.
-Everyday gets a little better. I've increased a bottle every single day. I'm pleased with my progress.

I'm going to take the rest of this week and focus on what I want to accomplish next week. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day, but there was a spotting of TOM today so I'm trying not to focus on scale victories.

I'm going to end with something I'd like to do as well. I think everyone on Spark has someone that motivates them and inspires them. I totally have one. She does daily Random Acts of Health blogs. I think they are a fabulous way to reflect on your day. It puts you more in the moment, which is key in fully living your life. I'm going to take a cue from that and do some reflecting myself.

I think thats part of the reason this blog is so long.

If you read it all, thanks for reading =]

Spark on =]


I decided to add a few more pictures ot this blog. Just a few randoms =]

Because every girl has their "good angle".....amiright?

I love this picture because I love my friends. I'm very unhealthy in it though...probably close to 250 in this...

A sweaty picture of the lady an I. We played soccer at night. Rebels....

Visiting my lady in Missouri. After we got back from golfing...

Just a few =]

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So I used to be allergic to citrus and somehow grew out of it. I thought it was weird.. but whatever! I still get uber heartburn when I eat it! So, I lay low and when I have it it's gooooood!

    3994 days ago
    I really love your blogs! I look forward to them, because of the pictures. You're doing great! I'm not allergic, just not a fan of citrus. So, I guess if you can eat it (allergic) I can eat it. Thanks for inspiring!
    3998 days ago
    Oh man that picture of the ramen makes me want some now!!! I LOVE ramen. I used to practically live on them, but now I've cut it down to eating it only about twice a month. SOOOOO good....but soooo bad for you!
    3998 days ago
    Just a question: if you are an allergy to citric acid why do you eat it? I know so little of citric acid - do all fruits have it? Are their fruits that don't have it?

    Glad you are making progress. Excellent news.
    3998 days ago
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