Letter to the "Editor"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not quite a letter to an actual editor, more like a letter to my apartment company's manager. Here is what I would say, if I even thought they would listen and take action.

To whom it may concern. I have been calling ___ Apartments home for over 5 years now. The apartments are nice, the building's in good condition, even the parking lot clean, safe and well lit. I can honestly say that I've enjoyed living here, to me it's home. However there is something about this home that I find not only frustrating, but just plain puts me over the edge. That would be the washers and dryers in the building. It's the fact that the price has been raised $0.50 in the last year for the washers and $0.75 for the dryers. The price isn't even the whole reason for the frustration itself. It's the fact that the washers and dryers are always breaking. Then they sit there for weeks, even months at one point and no one comes out to fix them. Since the beginning of this year we have lost close to $5.00, if not more. The washer didn't rinse properly and it had to be ran again, or the dryer didn't dry any of the clothing, or just plain didn't turn on. Then they sit, with tape over the coin slot waiting for someone to come out and fix them. Just 2 months ago one of the dryers sat for weeks, almost 1 whole month before it was fixed as well as one of the washers which was broken the same time. Then the other day you have the audacity to raise the price to dry by $0.25! WHY! Why should we keep paying more and more to do our laundry when half the time we can't because they are broken. If they rarely broke, I would have less of a problem with the price raise. Times are tough, business's are charging more to cover their losses from the slow economy which in turn makes the prices we pay go up. I get that, fine. I do not however think it is fine to raise the price of something that keeps breaking and we end up having to deal with. Sure you could say ... then go to a laundry mat. That's fine by me, I will be; except that there are some people in the building who can't just pick up and go to the laundry mat whenever they feel like it. Single mothers and fathers with children, older people who can't/don't drive. The washer and dryers are easy for them and I'd be lying if I didn't say it was convenient for everyone else in the building too. Convenience though, is not enough to overwrite the facts. Either keep the dryers from breaking so much, get them fixed in a timely manor or stop raising the price. Otherwise it just won't be mine money you won't be getting anymore. It will be everyone else's as well.
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    I feel lucky that I have such a good landlord and he has just got the water rates and found there is a leak as it shows we have been using 6000 litres a day _ I was alone for 3 months, so there is no way.

    He is going to fight the council about it and has told me not to worry. When my stove broke down, he replaced the next day. I have been here 3.5 years and he knows I am a good tenant and appreciates. I hope you get everything sorted. emoticon
    3065 days ago
    Sounds like you really thought that letter out. I hope your day improves and that you have a wonderful weekend where all the appliances work!
    3103 days ago
  • VEMAN1
    Nothing is as frustrating as not getting what you pay for. The convenience of the washers and dryers appear to bait you into using them. I remember we I had to sit with my mother at a commercial laundry mat whilst my sister sat with the other siblings at home. There is no easy solution; but, I did learn how to do laundry properly.

    I can only hope it will get better. Think of something nice. Then, smile your way out of your anger.

    3104 days ago
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