Half Marathon Recovery Continued, With a LIttle Surgery Thrown In...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I don't feel like I've taken this many rest days in over a year! And while I don't want to, I feel like my body needs it, plus it is THAT time of the year when there's a lot going on in everyone's lives, including mine.

I took another rest day last Friday in order to prep for my 8-miler on Saturday. I had a doctor's appointment to get both of my eyes measured, even though I was only having cataract surgery on my right eye. The appointment went well, and I came home to make some buttercream icing for the sugar cookies that we baked Thursday night for the children's Hanukkah party at church. The kids had a wonderful time Friday night, learning how God gave victory to His people who chose to follow His commandments rather than assimilate, and which ultimately led to the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration. We decided to ice the cookies for the kids rather than let them do it themselves...too many sniffles, so we didn't want to spread any more germs than necessary. Another great reason: the cleanup was SO MUCH EASIER! :)

It's a good thing I did take Friday off, because Saturday morning I ran with a pace group that pretty much kept at my half-marathon pace throughout the whole run. It was definitely faster than I wanted to run for an LSD run, especially after a race, so Janice and I hung back a couple hundred yards to slip into a bit more comfortable pace, even though it wasn't optimal for recovery.

I felt good at the end of the run, but definitely felt I'd pushed it again, so I was grateful to have a scheduled rest day on Sunday. We had a special celebration lunch at church in honor of our pastor and his wife's 25th anniversary. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, and I made some Italian roasted veggies in the crockpot to make sure I had healthy options available. The one indulgence that I regretted afterwards was a piece of anniversary cake. One of the girls said everyone HAD to eat a piece (because she didn't want to take any home). I didn't really want one, but I ate it anyhow, then felt yucky afterwards because it was way too rich than what I've been used to eating. I was actually angry that I allowed anyone to force food on me...I'm really beyond that now and have been for a long time. It's not that it put me over my calorie allotment for that day or that I had to worry about gaining weight. I'm pretty much maintaining right now because I'm down to 15% bodyfat and I really don't feel I need to dip any lower. It's more that I allowed someone to influence what I ate rather than ME choosing whether to eat it or not. I didn't really enjoy it, so I received a reminder of another important lesson: I am in control of what I eat, and if I don't really want it, DON'T EAT IT.

I went for an easy run in my subdivision on Monday. The past couple of runs I've done in the neighborhood have seemed a bit more challenging, so I decided to take a look at the elevation compared to where I normally run with my pace group. Now I know why. The elevation of several of the streets in my neighborhood is much higher than even the streets where we do our hill runs, so it's not quite the "easy" run after all. That's ok though. I haven't done any lower body strength training in about a week, so I enjoyed a great workout while strengthening my legs even more.

Tuesday was surgery day. I've had a really bad cataract on my right eye for close to two years now, but put off getting it removed to to some financial challenges and also because the lens that the doctor recommended wasn't covered by my insurance. We put some extra money in our flex account to pay for it this year and with the end of the year looming, I felt like there was enough to cover most of it and finance a small portion. When the doctor checked my eye, he recommended that I actually go with the cheaper lens because I've dealt with "lazy eye" with my right eye, and he felt the result might not be as good as expected. I had to fast from midnight Monday night and my surgical appt. was at 12:45 p.m. A morning fast wasn't too bad, but when I still was waiting in pre-op at 2:45 p.m., my stomach started to grumble rather loudly. The staff was great though, and we were joking around right up until they gave me the anesthesia. It was a relatively weird state: conscious enough to vaguely know what was going on, but not really aware of the details until it was all over. I got some juice right after the surgery, so that held me over until we got home to have some yummy matzo ball soup I made the night before. I wasn't real groggy, but decided to take a nap, which turned out to be about 3 hours. I slept quite soundly, then decided to watch the season finale of SYTYCD. I was AMAZED at how vivid the colors looked and how much clearer everything looked. The reality is that I had been basically seeing with only one eye for close to 2 years, and now I was actually seeing my HD TV in high-def for real!

I had my follow up with my doctor this afternoon, and he literally said "God bless you", then told me he was AMAZED at how well I was seeing out of my right eye so soon after surgery. I went from not being able to read the eye chart with that eye to having better than 20/20 vision. He said if he knew I'd do that well, he would have rethought using a multifocal lens. My personal explanation can be attributed to the power of prayer and the fact that I have another Doctor Who can go beyond earthly doctors' expectations.

I also heard some more great news: my doc gave me the OK: I CAN RUN! He told me I could do my speedwork on Thursday, which ROCKS since we've got another Magic Mile scheduled as part of training that day with our marathon training group. More importantly, I can do my 24-mile long run on Saturday - woohoo! This will be my longest LSD run prior to Disney full in 3 weeks, and I really didn't have enough training time left to schedule it later because of the need to taper back before the race. I practically hugged my doctor when he gave me the news! His only requirement was that I wear something to keep the sweat out of my eyes so I don't accidentally rub my right eye "and mess up his work." Yep, I think I can do that, lol.

Time to get ready for tomorrow's run. My goal is to get to sleep at a reasonable hour this evening so I can get in a great warmup before my Magic Mile, then TEAR IT UP!

I'm so grateful today that I can see better, I'm continuing to live healthier, and that I get to train to run a marathon! I am truly blessed!
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    What a blessing to have the surgery go that well!!
    3650 days ago
    So glad to hear that your surgery was such a success! There is so much power in prayer, no matter what all the scientists and experts say. He truly is amazing.

    I love reading your blogs, but I also feel lazy when I read about how much you're doing! I've really been slacking in the exercise department, partly due to a crazy work schedule, and also due to nagging injuries. I need to keep reading about your exploits to work on my motivation!

    3650 days ago
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