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Monday, December 14, 2009

okay, so i am a big fan of drinks & protein...i usually have at least one meal replacement shake a day, not including post workout, and it's usually for breakfast... emoticon

i have TMJ in my jaw, i don't like over chewing..smoothies are great, but so many smoothies are a gazillion calories and loaded with artificial bad stuff.

so yea, i usually drink beachbody's shakeology-(it comes in chocolate or greenberry), it's delicious, has protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, counts as a hell lot of vegetables, and a plethora of amazing wonderful stuff (check dianemary.com or shakeology.com/dianemary126 for more info) It tastes yummy and you can vary the flavor by adding different things in. (its 140 calories before add ins)

As much as shakeology holds a huge place in my heart, and i have not gone a day without this since march, I can't do it for breakfast in the morning during the winter. Why? I drink it smoothie style- 15 (yes, fifteen) ice cubes, thick shake like and well, IT FREEZES ME!! emoticon
I've been having it for my lunch or midafternoon snack now because i'll never do without it and it's usually warmer not in the AM......i can't heat shakeology because it will kill the live enzymes in it and you don't want enzymes killed, it ruins the health benefits.

so what's a protein drink obsessed chick to do? find a protein you can heat! and boy DID I EVER emoticon

i found this stuff called click (drinkclick.com), dubbed as the "first and only espresso protein drink" emoticonYes, it's like protein coffee. This stuff is 120 calories, has vitamins and minerals, 15 grams protein & a double shot espresso! You can warm it up or freeze it (so long frap-o-what-o's?) and enjoy a mocha drink GUILT FREE!

Now, as a girl who needed starbucks rehab at one point in her life, i'm ecstatic to find click. It's protein you can warm up & it tastes like coffee!!(did i just repeat myself?)
but really...now you can have your yummy coffee and drink it too! emoticon

It got delivered to me the other day, the company even sent a cool shaker cup for free! So on a cold NYC winter morning, with my quinoa pancakes (sparkrecipes has my recipe) I had a hot cup of click..i'm in love. It was SOO GOOD!!!
Not to mention a double shot of espresso to start to day and right before a workout is fun! No wonder I ripped through RevAbs like Wonder Woman! emoticon haha

okay, i apologize...when i love a product, i obsess about it and have to tell the world...i honestly don't get a dime if you buy click or not, i do get kickback on shakeology, but please- i'm not a sales chick (ugh. ew) I just talk about what I use & what has helped me stay healthy & maintain my weight loss. Click & Shakeology are 2 different things, i can't compare them except for the awesome similarities that they taste great, have protein, vitamins, minerals & are low calorie. And we all know as active women (and men), you need a good amount of protein every day! The drinks both rock. Try them, don't try them, if you have a protein drink you obsess over, I'd love to try it. Cheers! emoticon

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    I always add coffee to my whey chocolate, 100% Gold standard (GNC) its low carb mixes great and taste yummy I get the double chocolate. Cheaper then Starbucks, and hot or cold is good.

    1/2 scoop whey
    1 cup coffee

    I will still check out click thanks for the share!

    3956 days ago
    Espresso protein drink - sounds amazing to have first thing in the morning when it's cold outside for some heat and energy. :)
    3960 days ago
    u can get shakeology at shakeology.com/dianemary126 and click at drinkclick.com :)

    both are soo yummy!!!
    3961 days ago
  • BERNIE85
    Hi! I'm with MillerTime (above) -- I don't know you either, but you should be a "Click" spokesperson. I'm a NYC-er too, Starbucks addict, and JUST ordered Click from Amazon! I can't wait for it to come!
    3961 days ago
    hello--- so I know I don't know you but I saw your blog on my team page so I had to comment--- I just bought the click shake myself, can't wait for it to get here!!!!!!!
    3961 days ago
    Ahhh..now I really want to try this! I recall seeing it somewhere along my travels...not sure, but will be checking all my stores again. It sounds yummy! I do love my Starbucks, too!! LOL
    3961 days ago
    Where do you buy them and how much do they cost? Do they have artificial sweeteners?

    I like EAS low carb shakes. Best price is at WalMart 4 for $4.98
    Already to drink, can keep in the car so you don't stop at restaurants. Convenient for those I am so hungry but I don't have the energy or decision making ability to make something. It is 100 cal, 14 gr protien, fills me up and does not put me into a problem sugar circle like others such as slimfast does.

    I am staying away from adding sugar so I came up with a good mocha with only milk calories.
    1 cup of coffee,
    1 cup of milk (I use 1/2% and some low fat half and half
    heaping teaspoon of unsweetend cocoa (have Trader Joes Brand)
    capful of vanilla flavoring

    I blend this with a stick blender and warm it in a microwave. I made some extra and put it in the fridge for later. For some reason this tastes rich to me and I like it without sugar.
    3961 days ago
    I love my morning protein shake. It's a simple yummy breakfast I can have on my drive to work. I also adore my morning coffee. I love the idea of combining both of them! I can't wait to try the product. Thanks for the tip!
    3961 days ago
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