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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Last night we did in fact go to dinner, see I told you I know my husband! We picked up the crib then went to the Macaroni Grill. I was bound and determined to be good and so I ordered the Honey Balsamic Chicken and along with half of a house salad. Then we came home and I started to log my dinner and was in shock, that dish has over 1,000 calories!!! I did not eat all of it but still I consumed 1,175 calories for dinner when you include the bread and salad. WOW! I am so happy I walked those 8 miles! I was not expecting that big of a dinner. I am so happy that I did not get one of the many cheesy, yummy pastas they have there I have no idea how many calories that would have been!

Anyways, I promised last night on my blog I would update my stats after dinner as so here are the final day totals from yesterday....

Daily Goals from 12/7 -
1. Drink at least 128 oz of water a day - 128 oz DONE!
2. Complete scheduled workout for each day - 8.2 miles DONE!
3. Log all foods and stay within range - (1,800 - 2,000) - Did not do - 2,287 calories consumed
4. Consume at least 30 grams of fiber a day - Only 25 grams consumed
5. Consume at least 80 grams of protein a day - DONE! 127 grams consumed

Goals for today!
1. Walk 4 miles this morning then another 2 miles tonight for a total of 6 miles!
2. Make sure I get all my water in - 128 oz at least
3. Stay on track with my calories, NO macaroni grill...LOL

Reach high today!! Blessings to you all. I am off to walk my 4 miles and start reaching these goals! This day will only pass me by once, I intend to make the most of it! Whatever your goals are....GO FOR IT TODAY!!!
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    HAHA! I got grilled chicked fajitas at chilis one time thinking I 'did good' and it was over a thousand calories! Just goes to show that eating at home is almost always the better option! But I am glad that you were able to spend this special time with your hubby :)
    4207 days ago
    Those caloric surprises can be annoying, however I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. The hardest part about eating healthy is planning what to eat when dining out...restaurants can be such minefields at times! Innocent looking salads with shocking stats meanwhile a burger would have been lower in calories. From now on I will plan to have a couple of old standby choices ready in my head:)

    4207 days ago
    I still have no idea how restaurants manage to make the calorie counts so sky high! I have to admit, it has taken a lot of the fun out of eating out for me. We end up sticking mostly to sushi places....zzzzz. Anyway, I wouldn't sweat it; it's only one meal and the great thing is that you can get right back on track!
    4207 days ago
    Keep up the great work!! I think making daily goals are great!!
    4207 days ago
    u rock girl!! that Macaroni Grill sounds so WaRM and comfortING! lol
    way to go on those 5 miles so far today, too!!!
    4207 days ago
    That has happened to me before-- not at Macaroni grill, but the feeling sticks.. then again, I eat that much ( not in one sitting) more regular than not-LOL, so I guess, it doesn't shock me. Especially after warlking 8 miles, you'll be okay. As long as you didn't stuff yourself, I wouldn't worry... it is important to listen to your body, right?
    But yeh, surprises like that suck!
    I am trying to find my blessings, as well today! You are the best when it comes to daily reminders!
    4207 days ago
    You are doing awesome. One day of over the calories won't kill - I know I look at everything on the web before going to dinner and ordering - shock city.
    4207 days ago
    Great job tracking and being healthy. I'm sure the nursery will look beautiful.
    Stay warm and merry!! :)

    btw - you're about due for more belly pictures! I didn't take as many as I thought I did! :(
    4207 days ago

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  • TAMM22
    Wow, you are doing such a great job!!! Such an inspiration to so many...please make sure you sit back, rest and enjoy the experience and not be consumed by counting every calorie!! emoticon
    4207 days ago
    the trick is to check the menus online BEFORE you eat out. I know that is not always easy , but it does keep from having those surprises.
    4207 days ago
    the trick is to check the menus online BEFORE you eat out. I know that is not always easy , but it does keep from having those surprises.
    4207 days ago
  • BELG64
    Jen, You are such an inspiration!!! And I wouldn't worry about those couple hundred extra calories after walking 8 miles!
    Keep up the good work! And stay away from the Macaroni Grill!
    4207 days ago
    Jen, that is so awesome that you are continuing on with your fitness and nutrition goals even having that little gal in your tummy! You go girl! After doing 8 miles, eating those extra calories are okay for mama!

    4207 days ago
  • JBMT08
    Hey Girl,
    Dont worry about the extra cals.....I am sure you balanced it out, since you walked 8 miles?! WOW you are such an inspiration! How excited are you about getting the crib?!?!
    4207 days ago
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