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Okay, So You Got Me!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Yesterday I actually cleaned my office and exercise room. I woke up today all stiff and sore from over doing things yesterday.

I vowed to do nothing but stretch today. My entire body needed it.

I decided it would be okay to not do any workout whatsoever today, just stretch.

So I log on to SP, and decide "Hey, I haven't weighed in for a while. Might as well do that and the measurements, too."

One pound left the ranch!!! Inches left with the pound!! emoticon

Ok. Let 's see how I am doing on the points. Gee, my body really still hurts and is sure stiff!

I switch to the fitness page, intending to find stretches.

Sure enough, there is the strength training exercises I am supposed to do today. For some reason, I really resist strength training. I only want to walk.

But the workout tools are waiting and calling me......actually, they are TAUNTING me.

The pretty blue ball is nearly jumping up and down saying "Me first! Me first!"

Let's listen to Bob Marley and some Reggae!

Okay, I will stretch with the ball. That ought to feel very good. I stretch a bit, then decide to do some crunches on the ball. After all, that's not a huge venture into exercise!

The crunches led to wall sqats with the ball, which led into kneeling roll outs with the ball, which led into push ups with the ball.

WHAT'S GOING ON HERE????? I have been sabotaged by a BALL.

I am doing Hamstring curls followed by back stretches on the ball.

Good Grief! When can I get off this stupid BALL and do simple stretches??!!

Then it dawns on me. I am capable of simply getting off the ball. I mean, I AM IN CHARGE HERE, NOT SOME STUPID BALL!!!

I get off the ball, and look at the stationery bike, which is now calling me to go for a ride.

Go for a RIDE??? I have already been taken for a ride. By a ball. And Bob Marley. Two very dangerous creatures to get involved in on a day that was only supposed to be for stretches.

I whisper this to you, friend, so the ball and Marley can't hear.

"i do feel better."

NOW I will spend the day stretching.................out of sight of that damned ball!!
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