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Trying hard to overcome the bad mood my scale created

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

These are the positives that I can think of:
1. If a great drought were to occur, my body's ability to overcome physics and overcome weight loss despite a higher calorie burn than intake would help me to survive - I could probably give half of my share of food to my family to help them survive - My daughter would probably need the extra calories since she seems to be able to eat whatever she wants and still stay very very thin (112 lbs at 5' 10" tall), she takes after my husband who just recently (at 50 started to have to forgo huge bowls of ice cream in order to fit into his jeans) - my son takes after me and would probably survive on less.
2. If I hadn't been watching what I eat and hadn't been exercising for the last 8 weeks, I probably would weigh even more than I do now. At least I haven't gained weight.
3. The exercise habits I'm developing and the good foods I'm eating will help my body to stay Cancer free - I've always felt that we had some control over Cancer and now it's been proven.
4. I've noticed that my children are using the exercise equipment we have around the house - the exercise bike, the Nordic Trek, the Gazelle, the Ab-Lounge, the Wii with Wii Fit, Wii Active, Outdoor Adventure, Wii Resort, and Wii Sport - although I don't want them to obsess about their weight or have body image issues I'm sure that the extra activity is good for them. Both are involved in sports but are in "down seasons" between Football, Volleyball, and Soccer and they would otherwise be sitting in front of the TV or computer and munching
5. I do feel stronger and when the Wii Active asks me to run - I can. I'm proud of this!
6. I can see my reflection in the mirror as I step in the shower; and although I don't totally love what I see, I can see areas that are getting better.
7. I've learned to make mashed potatoes that my daughter loves as much as she loves her Aunts (her Aunt uses an entire stick of butter for potatoes to serve four - I cook the potatoes in chicken broth and mash with a little broth and a little skim milk - much healthier)
8. The meals that I cook for my family offer them healthy choices - I can't control what they eat but I can make sure the meal offerings are all healthy. As a consequence my children are now familiar with wheat berries, barley, quinoa, whole wheat pasta - they've always been exposed to a variety of foods from different cultures and are somewhat adventurous for their ages but I used to always offer white pasta, white rice, etc as a side with the occasional wild rice pilaf.
9. I've turned a few of my heavier friends on to dishes featuring the whole grains above - it's sad but even though I'm overweight many friends are more so and suffer health issues to boot. Maybe I can help them in some small way to improve their eating habits.

Now I have to look at what I could to better:
1. Cut sodium. Luckily I'm not sodium sensitive and have normal blood pressure (a little low if anything); however, I have to admit that my sodium lately has been a lot higher than usual. I found that having soup with lunch is very filling, helps me reach fiber goals, and allows me to get by with less of the high calorie alternatives. I've been relying on Progresso Light varieties because a large can is between 120 - 160 calories. Not bad but the sodium count is around 1400 mg and yesterday my sodium for the day was around 3000. I should mention that I generally don't eat a lot of processed foods so it's very unusual for me to go over 2000. Also since reading about "the skinny nut" I've been eating between 1/2 to 1 ounce of these a day - even though the nutrition log says 0 sodium, I know that they taste salty. SO - perhaps the extra sodium is holding extra water (and I have increased my water intake lately as well). Hmm may be more than a coincidence. I think that I will see if I can make some homemade soup at home that has less sodium but just as much taste for the same amount of calories.
2. Measure portions. I haven't been measuring portions lately - maybe they've grown??? I will have to start measuring my starches and proteins.
3. Pick pure over processed. Lately I have passed over the apples that I've packed for lunch (Hey that big Apple is 120 calories) - But yesterday in it's place I had a snack bar - the "healthy" one "loaded with fiber and nutrients" - yeah and just as many calories as the apple but in a package full of processed ingredients that include more than a few which seem like they belong in a Chemistry lab more than they belong in food.
4. Stay away from the wine! I have let the wine bottle tempt me more than a few nights a week. I really need to limit myself to 6-8 ounces one or two nights a week. I don't know about anyone else but wine calories seem to be more damaging to me than any other kind. Even though I include them in my counts I know I do better if I forgo and even though I try to justify drinking it (good for the heart….) I shouldn't ignore the fact that the studies on breast cancer and wine are about 50/50 - who knows which 50 is correct - harmful? Not harmful??
5. I hesitate even saying this but maybe - GET RID OF THE SCALE - I know that I'm better off eating and exercising the way I have been lately than eating anything I want and getting less exercise; why should I have to feel like a failure because the scale doesn't reward my efforts?
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