Workout results 12/7

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day for me and today is no exception. We have company coming over for dinner tomorrow night and then family coming to stay for the weekend. In addition to preparing for guest, I was out Christmas shopping yesterday. Between trying to find parking, the long lines and time searching for the perfect gift, my day started slipping away. I was able to get in a good 5 mile walk. I did 1 mile early in the morning and finished my miles with a good 4.05 mile walk mid afternoon. I did however fall short of reaching my 6 mile goal. I do wish that I could count all my walking around the mall towards my miles but that is just normal daily activity that we all need. My miles are EXTRA as they should be, so I did not reach my goal for yesterday but I was VERY active!

Today I am going to try my best to make up the miles and get in a good 7-8 miles if possible! I still have to head out to do some shopping as well as start cooking for tomorrows dinner but I think I can squeeze in a good long walk. I am planning my day right now and I think it helps with managing time. Making a to do list and planning is key for me and something I enjoy doing each morning. I am now off to do the first 3 miles or so of my walk, then off to Walmart, then back home for round 2 of walking!

Daily Goals from 12/7 -
1. Drink at least 128 oz of water a day - 90 oz done
2. Complete scheduled workout for each day - 5.05 miles done
3. Log all foods and stay within range - (1,800 - 2,000)- 1,877 calories consumed - DONE!!
4. Consume at least 30 grams of fiber a day - only 20 grams consumed
5. Consume at least 80 grams of protein a day - 99 grams consumed

Workout for the day 12/7 -
5.05 mile walk (in the rain!)
Time - 88 mins
Calories burned - 523
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