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What to you say when they comment . . . . . .

Monday, December 07, 2009

I hate it when cashiers think they are making small talk by asking/saying personal things like, " Boy you must like cheese", or "That's a lot of pop", "That's a lot of candy", or "Eaw, how can you eat tha"t, or similar things about the contents of your shopping cart.

Oh, I don't mind it when they say something like, "oh this looks interesting, what isle did you find it in", or "what does it taste like", and so on. But to comment on the amount of packages in one's shopping card is, I feel, rude in the extreme. I think they should limit thier small talk to "Hi, how are you today", " Is it still raining", or some neutral things like that.

My sister was going through the line up with several packages of cheese which was on sale last week and she will need in 2 weeks when she does a fonue for my neice. The clerk made some comment like "boy you sure eat a lot of cheese." I told her she should ignore the comment and pretend she's answering a question, like, "I'm fine, thank you for asking."

So what do/should you say?
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    If you are bothered by this, try contacting the manager, either right then or by phone and registering a complaint. Also if the store has a website, you can usually comment on the customer service. If they get enough complaints, something might be done.
    3048 days ago
    My bulk buying usually has to do with Airmiles specials, so the reason is obvious.
    What peeves me is when they read my name off the credit card (usually incorrectly) and announce it to everyone in line. To me that is a privacy and security issue--I guess you can tell I'm used to living in big cities.
    3052 days ago
    When clerks comment on my cart I just mention the 5 kids - most of the teams - and they nod sympathetically.
    3053 days ago
    What I despise the most is a cashier who firmly believes that SHE or HE is the one who is doing US the favour instead of the customer being the one who is allowing them to have a job. The importance of customer service is not being taught today. AND that's just my opinion.
    3053 days ago
    Some of the comments are fine - if they are attempting to be polite & make conversation - I don't get upset, although I would rather they didn't try. To many can't seem to work and talk at the same time, and I would prefer to get in and out of the store as fast as possible.

    however, some of the comments I find are quite rude, and I will say something, along the lines of that it really isn't any of their business

    there are also some great store clerks out there, that can do the polite chit chat, and keep the line moving fast - love those clerks
    3053 days ago
    I shop for teenage boys. I buy lots of everything. I usually don't take them with me. But, I just ignore the comments. Who cares if they think I have a thing for cheese or whatever.

    Now if I were buying sweets for the kids and they commented then, I might feel bad.
    3053 days ago
    I used to get that a lot before My Guy would get groceries with me. He drinks a lot of cola, and one day, one of the cashiers commented on it. She had noticed it had been several weeks that we were buying a lot of pop. I shrugged my shoulders and said, yes, we entertain a lot on the weekends, and cola is the poison of choice. Then after My Guy started coming along, the comments seemed to stop. Since we've been shopping at the same store for ever, we've come to know some of the staff there, and I've noticed if we get an oddball comment like that now, one of the cashiers we know is usually around, and I can see them frowning at the cashier, to let them know it's not an appropriate comment.

    So, my reply would be like 102633's, "I save more money by buying in bulk", or "yes, we entertain a lot!" Sometimes I think that those cashiers are bored or something like that, and they try to engage you in conversation so it will help pass the time until their shift is over.

    BTW, I've also noticed something with the staff at our grocery store. I started randomly telling the staff on the floor that they're doing a great job, usually quietly and with a beaming smile on my face. Since then, whenever I've needed help reaching for a shelf item, or if they've run out of it on the shelf, they seem to be more willing to help me, and they do it with a little skip in their step.

    Oh, and I still hate grocery shopping... but that "random act of kindness" makes it a little more bearable.

    Spark on!
    3053 days ago
    Years ago I was often in a grocery line with an 80 year old woman who was still playing tennis at a local club. Her cart was always full of healthy food. My cart looks a lot like hers now and I hope people will notice that when I am 80.
    3053 days ago
    I've never really felt insulted by their comments. I actually been told "Wow, you guys eat a lot of vegetables". I have to admit though that I do notice when very large people are pushing carts full of diet coke, chips and cookies.
    3053 days ago
    I shop every two weeks. When I had teenage boys living at home I tried to get enough groceries to last two weeks, and some for food storage. I inevitably would have some little old man on retirement would come to me and say, "You must really like to eat." or "How much do you spend on groceries anyways."

    I used to hate it when I went shopping.
    3053 days ago
  • 1888MICHELLE
    I usually try to buy one exotic fruit or veggie I've never tried, each time I go shopping. The clerk will usually comment on "what is it?"..."what does it taste like?"..."how do you cook it?". I've never actually had anyone rude.
    3053 days ago
  • 102633
    When they comment on the volume of items you can always say, "Yes that is how I make money. I stock up when things are on sale."

    When they comment on the "appeal or taste" you can always say, "I really used to think those things were terrible too. But I tried it once and now just can't live without it. I am so glad your store sells such things."

    Anyway, it could be that if a person stands in one place for three or four hours without a break, doing the same old mundane swinging of an item thru a scanner, they may just have nothing else to say. Any conversation to break the monotony will do for them.
    3053 days ago
    I agree too. Stick to talking about the weather, rather than my purchases. Years ago, clerks would call you Mrs. Smith or whatever was on your credit card and now they have switched to calling you by your first name. I don't like that either - I would almost rather be called Mrs. Smith, but I guess anything is better than 'Mam'.

    3053 days ago
    I agree. I hate it when clerks feel like they can comment on what I put in my shopping basket. I also hate to be called sweetie or honey by clerks. If they knew me better they would know that I am neither. lol
    3053 days ago
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