Soda pop is evil (for me anyway)!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Even though I switched to drinking diet soda pop at the age of thirty, even in moderation, any kind of soda pop is now wrecking havoc on my body's brain chemistry. I weened myself from Diet Coke this past summer after drinking it almost every day for years; choosing to drink mostly water instead. While I still picked up the occasional 20 ounce every two weeks or so, I didn't realize it's affect on my chemistry until this past weekend when I brought home a whole two liter.

Now, I have had issues with cravings and the occasional cookie binge over the past several months. However, they have been NOTHING like what I have dealt with over this weekend. Today, instead of waking up craving my usual fruit and yogurt, I craved the soda and comfort food - a.k.a. junk! An hour after lunch (one short HOUR!), I was wanting to put more junk in my mouth! This has been a crazy, lunatic kind of day! And, I have no doubt that it was the pop that had a major impact on my brain chemistry and these crazy, out-of-control cravings! Lesson learned!
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    Glad to see you blogging again. Soda pop does me in. I always associate it with pizza, lots of pizza. As a kid the only time I got to have soda was on Friday night-pizza night. I still find it hard to eat pizza without a soda to wash it down.
    3648 days ago
    The caffeine could have some effect also. It makes me crazy. :P
    3650 days ago
    Thanks Lisa! I'm wondering about that too because over the last six months or so, I have been exclusively using Truvia when I make cappuccinos on the weekend or the few times I've baked. In my own case, I think it may be the aspartame. Ugh!
    3650 days ago
    Hi guys, while they aren't the exact article I read, here are a few of the most credible writings that I could find that can help you make up your own mind. Since our blog comments don't support links, you may have to copy and past them into your browser. I'll try to space them out.




    3650 days ago

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  • LISSA1976
    I have never been much of a soda drinker since I don't drink caffeine, but I experience the same thing from crystal light of all things, as well as any artificial sweetener like splenda, sweet and low, etc. About a month ago i had some crystal light for the first time in ages, and I wanted to eat every piece of junk in sight. It was disgusting.
    If I do feel the urge to sweeten something, I found that the stevia/sugar blend called Sun Crystals doesn't give me any cravings, and I can bake with it too. (just check the site for translations to sugar usage)

    Good luck on your journey!

    3650 days ago
    I have the exact experience with pop. I drive a long way (3+ hr) to see my 92- yr old dad in Wyoming through very desolate country....no radio, no cell coverage. So I "justify" 1 pop every couple of weeks en route to Wyo. and one the next day en route home.

    And I pay and pay and pay for that stupid drink. I'm in withdrawal for a few days..lethargic, craving junk food, crabby, can't get anything accompished that requires concentration. Finally I get over it ..get my energy back, I can function, people around me don't want to shoot me any more because I'm so hard to get along with. LOL But dummy me...I convince myself on the next trip that I can't survive the trip (or the emotions of dealing with my dad) and I do it again on the next trip. emoticon
    3650 days ago
    Erin, I did have some literature that asserted the fact that man-made sugar substitutes mess with the brain's chemistry. While we taste sweet, our brain never gets to finish the chemical process like it does with sugar. Then, it sets us up for the cravings trying to fulfill that final goal. My best friend sent me an article awhile back, I'll see if I can locate it.
    3650 days ago
    Hi, Morticia. I'm doing better, thank you for asking. In fact, I was going to write about it in a blog soon. It mostly has to do with experiencing survivor's guilt since we discovered that Michael ultimately passed away from heart failure.
    3650 days ago

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    That is scary. I've heard that diet soda was not good for us but I get really bad leg cramps from so much time in a wheelchair. I used to take quinine pills but my insurance wouldn't pay for them so my DR. said to drink diet tonic water and it works.
    But now, you've made me wonder if that's why I get cravings. Has anything ever been published about why we shouldn't drink diet pop?
    3650 days ago
    Off topic but I hope that you are coping okay with the loss of your brother.
    3650 days ago
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