Saturday, December 05, 2009

Today it was my privilege to attend a ladies meeting at a church close to my home. We had a wonderful time and saw people we hadn't seen in a while but two people who I hadn't seen in a few years completely ignored me.
I approached them to find out how they were and how things were going for them. They were polite but acted like they didn't know me. They didn't! I was a lot lighter, more fit, a new hair style, etc. After I told them where I knew them and who I was they remembered. One told me "but you are so much lighter, are you well?" I said, Never felt better and took the weight off because I wanted to and am going to the gym now also for about an hour every day I possibly can.
One was embarrassed to tell me she didn't know me but told my girl friend how good I looked and how much smaller I was.
It does make it worth while. Every day the Lord does something good for me to let me know I have to keep on keeping on. I can't keep going back up or will be where I was before.
I will not let that happen. I won't, I won't, I won't.

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