Thursday, December 03, 2009

First of 4 blogs this week, I NEVER BLOG, whats up with that! Haha

So calories! This word scares me! If you read my previous blogs you know that I am in maintenance and have been for a few months, and that I exercise regularly. I have been burning between 2000 and 3000 calories through exercise a week, but only eating around 1300 to 1350 average daily. Now that I am starting to research and prepare to start training for my 1/2 marathon in 2010, and prepare to stop counting calories as my new years resolution I decided to take a closer look at my nutrition and fitness tracker. First of all I went under my goals and updated my calorie burn to 2000 a week, made sure that my weight and goals for maintenance were correct. So Sparkpeople says that my goals are

For Maintenance, no exercise
Calories 1340 to 1690
Carbs 179 to 258
Fat 35 to 62
Protein 60 to 139

For 2000 calories burned through exercise a week and maintenance:

Calories 1630 to 1980
Carbs 221 to 306
Fat 42 to 73
Protein 60 to 164 .

You can check out my food and fitness tracker, I am not meeting my nutritional goals and that is because I am scared. So I am posting this blog looking for more advice and for people to share their experience with calories in/out. I have gotten some great advice from sparkers before:

One comment was:
1. It is very important to eat to support your activity level.
2. Don't use the extra calories to eat junk, add fruits, veggies, lean protein or whole grain.
3. Increase slowly so you can adjust to it.
4. Don't be scared to eat different amounts on different days, your body is naturally hungrier some days and not hungrier others. This is the point of the ranges. Aim for an average over the week that is somewhere in the middle.
5. The worst that can possibly happen is you gain a pound and have to go back down although increasing slowly and adding healthy food that is unlikely to happen.

Her advice has been very helpful, and I have started working with the things she said, but I can't say it enough, I am still scared! Do you guys still track calories? If so how much do you eat? How much do you exercise?

Thanks for reading:)

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.