The Garbage Disposal MESS!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The other night I decided to clean out my 'fridge. There was a large bowl of left over spaghetti noodles that I had to get rid of, so I packed them in the disposal and grind them down. Then I decided to watch the news for an hour. After that, I told myself it was time to wash the dishes. As I was running the water waiting for it to get hot, I noticed the sink was draining slow. Well I turned on the disposal again but all it did was back up into the sink, so I called my husband. He got the toilet plunger (URGH!) and started plunging away. Well, that didn't help so he thought if he gave a good long squeeze of dish detergent that it would break up some of the grease. Well, as he's plunging and adding more hot water, all that happened was a big bubble party. So he went out to the pole barn to get some tools, and in the meantime, I heard DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, DRIP, and I look to see water flowing out the cracks of the dishwasher! So I ran to the bathroom to get some towels, and yelled to my daughter to find a bucket. As you are trying frantically to clean up water before it seeps into the basement, my husband comes back with who knows what kind of tools and asks what's going on. So he takes a long wire thing and puts it down the drain. I decided to step out of the picture for awhile, since I know that I'm already in trouble. After 15 minutes with no success, he goes down stairs and yells for me. Well we are in the basement looking at the pipes overhead, he tells me that the clog is here in the pipe and he needs to cut the pipe to unclog it. So he gets in his car to go to Lowes for some more pipe, When he gets home, I hear him in the basement with his hack say like a madman! Then he puts 2 five gallon buckets under the sawed off pipes and comes upstairs to run the water and the disposal some more. When we go downstairs, there is spaghetti noodles the size of rice splattered all over my storage shelf, (thankfully I emptied it first!) So then he goes back out to the barn to find the wet vac, can't find it, calls his older son to chew him out for taking it, he says he doesn't have it, hubby looks around some more and comes back in the house with the wet vac, I get to clean up the rice size noodles, he finishes the job three hours later!
Some times husbands are great, aren't they!

End of story.
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    Know I understand your status comment. Great story.
    3610 days ago
    Ugh to the mess, BD. Cheers to a your great husband! We have a small sink plunger because I am known for putting food down the drain and we don't have a garbage disposal.
    3610 days ago
  • JSG1945
    I had a clog/backup issue as well over the week end until yesterday. Much water and bubbles. First let me say I live in a condo/townhouse on the second and third floor, there is also a unit below me. Condo living can have it's challenges, but I do live at the beach which makes up for a lot of not so good things. We have lived here for over 20 years and renovated 4 times; the most recent this year, but that is another story for another time.
    Back to my bubble wonderland saga. I did a load of laundry Sat, started on the second and began to clean the kitchen (new, part of this last renovation). The washer (upstairs) was draining and the sink began to fill up with water and bubbles. I ran the disposal, thinking that would clear the problem. It didn't and just threw bubbles all over the kitchen. I stopped everything and began emptying the sink with a bucket; taking the bucket down a flight of stairs to dump in my tiny garden. After five or six trips up and down the stairs (I must count all that exercise)I decided to plunge and restart the washer. Long story short, after much water/bubbles and trips up and down the stairs we were water free, but still not able to use the sink or the washer. At least nothing leaked into the unit down stairs. After several hours enough water drained from the pipes to have minimal use of the sink. After dinner my significant other (31 years at the end of Jan.)decided to clean up, needless to say not the most successful adventure, but he tried. Monday morning the contractor from renovation came out and suggested we call a plumber (which is what I wanted to do after the first failed attempt at clearing the clog). So yesterday evening after an afternoon of plumbing madness (stuck snake in a common vent pipe etc.) my kitchen was some what functional again. Today I'm finishing the cleaning and washing to clear the last of the debris so I can make chocolate mini cupcakes for the book club. Baking last night wasn't an option and chinese take out delivery arrived an hour late.
    Was there a full moon? emoticon
    3610 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/2/2009 10:35:12 AM
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