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December Goals...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

There are only 32 days left until January 1. I had set a goal to be 244 by Jan 1. I was 262 this morning. I know it would be almost impossible for me to lose 18lbs in 32 days. It sure would be nice to lose 10lbs though. I am a little disappointed with how my year has gone. I have had one thing after another this year. And very few of those things were really good. I want to reflect a little though so I can at least see the positives right in front of my face.

1) Avery was born!! The best part of my year by far!!
2) Even though Athen and I have had a very rough year, we are going to try harder to fix our marriage.
3) We didnt have our own place to live but we did have a roof over our heads, food in our mouths, and a huge support system making sure we didnt fall flat on our faces.
4) Erica became a big sister and besides the bratty attitude, I think the adjustment to having a new brother went very well.
5) I am officially back in a size 18. I have managed to get below my pre-Avery weight. Since June I have lost 15lbs and actually kept it off. Turtle slow motion but I did lose it and it has stayed off.

So, there are 5 of my positives. I know there are other little things but those are the big things. I truly believe that the coming year will be a much better year for my family. I am holding strong in my faith that God is going to take us to the next place in life this coming year. And I am confident that he is taking us there as a family, together.

And now for the last month of this year. I have goals I want to set. I never do monthly goals, but figured why not? Successful people have goals. And they write them out. So my goals are as follows:

1) I will continue with my low carb WOE. I have been doing well with it and have had much more energy. If it is working then there is no reason to adjust anything at this point.

2) I will take walks on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tues and Thurs are my short days at work, except for one this whole month. And I am off every weekend this month. So these should be the days I make a real effort to do my walks. I want to set a goal of 5 miles each week.

3) I have slacked on strength training far too long. I know that doing the 30 day shred will help me with this. So I will do the 30 day shred at least 3 days each week. I would say more but I dont feel confident that I could meet a goal higher than 3 days this month. I will do it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those are my longer days at work so it would be better to have a 20 minute workout on those days versus a longer workout.

4) I cannot force my little one to sleep through the night. He clearly is unable or unwilling lol. I have tried everything. So it is clear to me that I will not sleep through the night still at this point. I can help myself by going to bed at an earlier time though. I will set a goal of going to bed between 10-11pm rather than waiting til Athen gets home, or waiting for Avery to wake up. More sleep will make me feel better.

5) I have increased my diet coke intake in the last few months. This month I will decrease my diet coke intake and try for most days to drink mainly water. Tea will be ok. On days when I drink a diet coke I will force myself to drink extra water to try and flush it out.

Ok, so those are my 5 goals for the month of December. I am confident that I can achieve these goals and I am confident that doing these things will get me 10lbs lighter this month. :-) It is a win-win situation for me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    3062 days ago
    I love the 30 day shred! I've added it to my Christmas list. ;)

    My oldest didn't like to sleep at night either. Try reading "No Cry Sleep Solution." It saved my sanity so much that I re-read it before daughter #2 was born and I buy a copy for all new mommies-to-be! I wasn't good with routines and it tells you why it's important, how to establish one that works, and how to get your kid to do it without wanting to claw your own eyes out (or them theirs)! It's pretty popular, so check with your library first! Hope it's helpful for Avery. Maybe you'll find cool ideas for Erica, too, even if she's sleeping just fine.

    Congrats on your pre-baby weight accomplishment!!
    3063 days ago
    I am sure you will succeed, it is great to have a plan to follow and you have a great one!! Good luck to you and keep positive!
    3063 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    Your great goals and the wonderful positive attitude go hand in hand as your journey on the success road to fit and healthy! You are young and you have been blessed with a great metabolism!
    3063 days ago
    Way to set goals and hang in there !!!!!!! You CAN do this =)
    3063 days ago
  • GLM19566
    Great Goals. Good luck and success know you can do it emoticon emoticon
    3063 days ago
    Wonderful goals. Be proud of your accomplishments and know that you are doing it. You are becoming a healthier you and that is the most important thing.
    3063 days ago
  • W8FALNOFF the positives list!
    That only proves to you that you can reach those December Goals, it always helps to see what we have done already to know that we can achieve what new goals we have set for ourselves.

    It souinds like your plan is all set and I have no doubt you will lose 10 pounds on this challenge, you are always so positive and that is what gets things accomplished.

    Just focus on each day as it comes, and focus on the goals you have set for those days..
    You are going to make it happen!
    3064 days ago
    Great goals, Cheryl.
    Keep up the good work. And a size 18 is great :-)
    3064 days ago
  • PATTYS74
    Those are great goals. You have done very well with the weight even though you don't think so. You are going to do better because you are determined. Way to go!!!
    3064 days ago
    Cheryl, We can't dwell on the past but we can look forward You have some Great goals set for your self and I know that you can acheive them You are a Strong woman, you have proved that with all you have been through this year. I think thta we all have had a few snags thrown in paths this year but with the NEW YEAR coming up we have a new light at the end of it. WE CAN WE WILL DO THIS .. YES WE CAN !!
    Hugs Sue
    3064 days ago
  • DENISE245
    I love that you've focused on all the positive things that have shaped your year. Your goal setting and determination is wonderful and just what you need to succeed. emoticon
    3064 days ago
    Great goals!! I know you can do it. I want you to have a terrific new year.
    3064 days ago
    emoticon in setting your new goals!!!!
    And emoticon on what you've already accomplished.
    So happy to here about your positives!!! emoticon
    3064 days ago
    Great goals. Stick with them and turn them into December achievements. Stick with it and enjoy the health, fitness and energy benefits they will bring.
    3064 days ago
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