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Monday, November 23, 2009

I urge you to check out the video. It's rather silly.

It's time for the Month in Review, plus I want to talk about my job search. And many other things. But first the numbaz.


Bicep: 13.2" ORIGINAL #: 19" (down 5.75")
Bust: 36.25" new personal best! ORIGINAL #: 55" (down 18.75")
Band: 33.25" 1/4" more than personal best ORIGINAL #: 47.5" (down 14.25")
Waist: 33.5 1/2" more than personal best ORIGINAL #: 49" (down 15.5")
Belly: 37.5" ORIGINAL #: 59.5" (down 22")
Keister: 43" ORIGINAL #: 64" (down 21")
Hip: 40.75" 1/4" more than personal best ORIGINAL #: 54.5" (down 13.75")
Thigh: 20.25" ORIGINAL #: 32.5" (down 12.25")

Adding all 6 measurements together, I've lost, Good God, 123.25". To give you some perspective, I'm 5'6", AKA 66" tall. Yes, folks, I've lost almost twice my height in terms of inches. The averages are pretty spectacular as well. The average loss for all 8 measurements is 15.4". When you remove bicep and thigh (outlyers), the average is an even more staggering 17.5". As in, not much less than the current size of my left thigh.

Alli and food news

Because I'm out of work as of the 11th, I'm doing even more cooking. This coming week will be different because of the holiday, but for the most part I have been mixing things up. It's been enjoyable to get morning fat in the form of something like walnuts or peanut butter instead of tasteless fish oil capsules. I've been eating a lot more sandwiches; the portable soups are being saved for when I get a new job, although if they get close to expiring I will of course eat them. That won't happen for a while.

As for alli, the big news is that on Saturday the 21st, I took my last one.

Yes, folks, I am done with alli. I had been taking it almost nonstop for almost 2 years, which is the absolute limit off effectiveness, plus it's just not an expense I can condone right now, particularly as my weight loss has slowed down (this was a good week but those don't happen every single week, like they used to long ago). Plus I was just ... shh no one's supposed to know about this ... tired of them.

They fulfilled their purpose, BIG time. Now that chapter is closed.


Oh boy. Ever since I was laid off, I've been really throwing myself into it. I need it in order to not feel antsy. Plus it's sociable and good for me and gets me AFK (away from the keyboard), so that when I return, my commitment to looking for work is strengthened. Otherwise hour upon hour online is, well, it's somewhat counterproductive after a while. I figure an hour a day looking is plenty, plus I add in little tidbits like updating social networking sites (including SP) with job search news. They say you should shout your need for a job from the rooftops, and so I am. But in the meantime I am hitting max Spark pernts for fitness, day in, day out.

I finally took a rest day yesterday, and was antsy and nuts. I know I still needed it, and I took it. Ai yi yi there are going to be rest days this week as it's a lot tougher to get fitness in when we're at the inlaws or my folks (both of whom will be visited) but I'll do what I can so that I'm not bouncing off the walls. Or failing to counteract what are probably going to be a lot of hidden calories.


Pretty good, all things considered. I was truly manic last week, and now I've come down off that and am getting more settled and centered. I am not devastated by any means and am still pretty glad to be away from a dull job, but am also pulling together the needs that I'm going to have for the next few weeks or months as I look, as in making sure I have business cards, that I get my resume out there, make sure my interviewing clothes are clean, etc. All of that activity helps me stay even-keeled and I am very focused right now. This also, undoubtedly, dovetails with all of those fitness minutes.

Okay, now that that's over with, what about the job search?

Welllll, it's pretty interesting. I had my resumes back out within 24 hours of being laid off and hit the ground running. I got a serious inquiry from, I kid you not, the parent corporation of a nationwide pastry company. That was, eek, that was skeery. It turned out to not be the kind of $$ that I'd like so I let it pass. It would have been hard to do, as of course the products are everywhere. I also received an inquiry from a company looking for temp work, and another too far away for me to commute to. So things are out there and people are interested in me, but so far it's not a fit yet.

But while that happens, I have employment counseling. The company that laid me off rather graciously has paid for 12 weeks of it and I am using it to the max. I've already met with my counselor twice (I'll get a total of seven sessions with him) and have been to a Networking workshop. There are three other workshops I'll be going to. Plus he's given me some homework, and plenty to think about.

New direction for me?

You betcha.

It's amorphous for now so I don't want to commit it to pixels just yet.

Stay tuned.
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  • no profile photo CD3248497
    First I like to say Happy Thanksgiving. I know I am late, was off last week and wasn't online. Hope you enjoyed yourself. You are going in the right direction and you are right there are jobs out there. But you just haven't found the one you want right now. I am glad you are using this time to exercise and keep yourself sane! And the Alli, the time has come. It's not cheap and you can do it without it!! I know you can!
    4106 days ago
    What a wonderful upbeat blog. Jespah you are an inspiration in so many ways. Love the numbers. Love the awareness you have of your own need for workouts. Love the approach you are taking to job search. It is all great.
    4106 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Sounds like you're doing great! You sound so upbeat, plus I love to hear that you're throwing yourself into exercise. All too easy to let yourself become a couch potato when life doesn't quite go our way.
    4107 days ago
    You can do it!!
    4109 days ago
    Now those are some BIG changes!
    Exciting and scary... that's life, hm?!
    4111 days ago
    As usual I enjoyed your blog emoticon
    4112 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4749243
    This one made me smile--upbeat, recharged, heading up up up! Take it and run! Whatever comes it'll be good 'cuz you seem to make it that way! emoticon
    4112 days ago
    Thank you for keeping us updated.
    4112 days ago
    I love how positive you're staying. I like that...AFK. BRB. I'm AFK. Heehee.

    You're gonna find something amazing I bet. Can't wait til I hear what you've got brewing...

    And way to go keeping after working out. It's a big life change when we start working out because it makes us feel good, eh?
    4112 days ago
    That is an amazing amount of inches that you have lost. You'll figure out a way to get some exercise in during the holidays, even with parents and in-laws. Hope it's a happy thanksgiving.

    4112 days ago
    Hey Ya! I love how happy and energetic and focused you sound now - and you ARE the incredible shrinking woman, no doubt about it. Congratulations on finishing alli!
    You can go in so many directions it'll be exciting to follow your progress on the job front. I KNOW you'll do fine, and I'm staying tuned for amorphous updates when you wanna share!
    Hugs, Marit
    4112 days ago
    Wow, that *is* a lot of circumference you've removed! Way to go!

    Glad you're pushing forward in a productive way - I hope you find JUST the right thing...

    4113 days ago
    "Yes, folks, I've lost almost twice my height in terms of inches."

    HOLY CRAP! Thats ALOT to be DONE with! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super super proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4113 days ago
    Wow! You're making the most of the opportunities. Very smart not to jump too quickly into the next job.
    4113 days ago
  • KARVY09
    I love that song - the video is so cute!

    Your inches lost is totally amazing, Jes. You should be SO proud of yourself!

    Glad you're keeping sane amid your layoff. It's true, it's time to make this time into something positive!
    4113 days ago
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