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Busy Saturday.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday was the start of shotgun season for deer in our state. I HATE IT!! The deer seem to immediately sense the danger and the doe hide their young ones in a thicket by our compost bins. Yesterday I saw several fawns and young females there but the neighbor disturbed them so they didn't stay put. I also saw a big buck who was frantically looking for somewhere to hide. The poor thing. Our neighbors know where the deer are hiding on our property and I don't trust that they won't trespass and kill them so I let it be known that I am home and I stay visible. I wear an orange vest. Some hunters prefer to kill the young deer as they are more tender. One of them is this old coot I can't stand who lives down the road. I must say that in my lifetime I have disliked very few people but every encounter I have had with this man is bad. He drives by our house extremely slow several times a day to see if there are any deer and to see if we are home. I think he is planning to shoot them from his truck because he has hinted at this. It is illegal and if I catch him doing it I will turn him in. Today he stopped us and told us where he lived, like we didn't know, and mentioned my MIL's name like they are close friends. I was sickened. He told us that he is too old to kill the older deer as he can't drag them out of the woods as he has medical problems. (cough, cough, whine, whine) and he said he was thinking about hunting "down here". He asked us if we knew where to find any young ones. My husband was nice but I found myself wanting to beat the stuffing out of this creep. LOL. If I catch this coot on my property I'm going to tell him how it is and call the game warden. This is private property and it's posted and he will not be hunting here. There are plenty of legal places to hunt but these people don't intend to do that. The old lady who owns the property across the street has told people not to hunt on her property but we noticed a deer stand set up on it this year already. This people have some nerve. My husband and I have had to tell people to get off our land before and they get mad when you tell them. My girlfriend had to run 2 guys off her property and the idiots told her they had permission from the owner. LOL. Last year I found one of our fawns dead by our compost pile. I know that some people need the meat and that the deer need thinned out but this old coot is rich and I don't intend to have people hunting illegally on my property where they could be injured. In addition they leave a big mess - stinking gutted partial carcasses that dogs drag around. By the way, the number one injury to hunters is them falling out of deer stands - drinking and hunting with guns don't mix. Last year some idiot from northern Illinois who came here to hunt shot a cow and killed it. Another year a belligerent idiot shot a teenage through the heart with a bow and nearly killed him because the kid and a friend were on 4 wheelers riding on their own property and scared off a deer he was tracking. The nut was really repentant so he got off easy. If I had been the judge on the case he would have seen the inside of a prison cell for many years to come. Today I saw 3 year deer hiding on another part of our property. I hope they stay put because they are surrounded on every side of us by people trying to kill them.

Today I slept in. My knee, leg, and hip are still having problems and hubby's foot is bothering him but hubby wanted to go on 2 long hikes so we did. I wore my vest but it's still pretty dangerous. Hubby is afraid I'll encounter a nut if I am outside alone so I will have to start carrying one of my guns when he is not home. He wants me to stay inside and I will not be a prisoner in my own home because of a few testosterone morons roaming the country side.

It was beautiful today and warm so we decided to decorate early outside for Xmas. I usually do it the day after Thanksgiving but the way the weather has been who knows what it will be like this year.

I have gathered up my recipes for Thanksgiving but I still have a few to research.

I made some really good fajitas for supper.
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    It breaks my heart that you have to deal with these idiots - even having to don an orange vest to avoid being shot! I know that in some areas, the herds need to be thinned; however, what's taking place where you live seems careless, dangerous, and lawless to me! It sounds like you live in such a beautiful, serene-looking area, yet there's always that selfish person or four who intrude on such lovely peace, it seems... I like that one idea BETTYAHE mentioned of alerting the sheriff or local police to any infractions of the law, any danger to human life or encroachment on your property.

    I've noticed in your wonderful posts that you and your husband really DO appreciate your beautiful surroundings; you deserve only the best! Take good care of yourselves. (And I'm sorry to hear that you, too, have knee, leg, and hip pain. I can relate!) emoticon , Susan
    3070 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/22/2009 8:56:59 PM
    I hope you won't have to turn him in but if so he certainly deserves it. I haven't seen any deer in the past couple days since season opened... the word is out!
    3070 days ago

    Can you share your fajita recipe! I love them! thanks, Betty emoticon
    3070 days ago

    I would totally be feeling the same as you about the hunters and would run them off my property too. I think I would also alert the police/sheriff about them coming on your property, slowing down and checking to see if there are any deer in your yard, etc. and ask if there is anyway some extra patrols could come by during the season. I don't think it is an unreasonable request since there have been incidents already where young people have been hurt. In addition, it is not fair that you cannot even enjoy your own property.

    Sorry to hear you and hubby are still having pain. I commend you both on moving in spite of it.

    Make sure to take photos of your Christmas decorations. I'd love to see them!

    Please, please be careful!

    Hugs, Betty emoticon
    3070 days ago
    I get really protective of the wildlife around us too. We used to have deer living around us when we lived in a condo in Tacoma WA, and one time a serviceman saw one and immediately thought he'd like to shoot it. He was one of those testosterone morons roaming the countryside...LOL!!

    Now, in AZ, it's the hawks that I have to watch out for... I'm afraid one of them will get the white dove! Stay safe... and I hope you don't find anymore deer carcass. But most of all, stay safe.
    3070 days ago
    Ugh! I hate hunting, really feel for you, my dear. I guess that's one of the few good things about living in Suburbia in Florida, no hunting around here. sigh.

    Hang in there, I hope you're feeling better!
    3070 days ago
    I'll keep you in prayer, and all your loved ones, including the woodland fawns. emoticon emoticon
    3070 days ago
    We have hunting season here, too. The birds are lying low. We have 3 male pheasants that are hanging around. They've been here all summer. No one will come on the property to hunt without asking. It isn't posted. We noticed hunters walking the railroad property and the birds go hide in the grape vineyard. They seem to know where to stay. Must be like dogs knowing dog people. emoticon
    3071 days ago
  • JUNEBUG1944
    I lived in the mountains of PA for 21 years and I hated and dreaded hunting season. We lived in a forest and were surrounded by hunters. One day our collie got loose and came home dragging a rotten deer leg. I didn't know what in the heck to do with it so I finally wrapped it in plastic bags and threw it in our dumpster...hoping the game warden didn't come by and think we killed the deer.

    We also had to chase people off our property. We had a friend who fed the deer all year and had a salt lick in his yard. During deer season, he never had to leave his porch to get his deer. I thought that was just horrible.

    Another reason to live near the beach!

    Sing loudly when you're outside. Between singing and wearing the vest, hopefully you'll be safe!

    Take care!
    3071 days ago
    Wow...some people have a lot of nerve! Stay safe, my hiking friend! Hope you and hubby's ailments pass soon!!
    3071 days ago
    How sad it is for the deer. My family has never hunted. Last year we went in the motor home and saw several deer and baby. They were beautiful..Be careful you don't get shot..So sad... emoticon
    3071 days ago
    While I'm not a hunter, I'm greatly appreciative of the herds being thinned.
    3071 days ago
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