at least I'm back again

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today is the first day of my vacation for my new job. I've worked my butt off in this new position and loved every minute of it. I however, didn't take any time for myself and working out. The first day I was laid off, I thought my life was going to change dramatically. It did but not in the way that I thought that it would. I was unemployed a half a day. By 1pm I was accepting another job. Nice, right? I felt blessed and more than a little relieved. I was the sole income for our family and it was going to be a battle to survive if I hadn't found a job.

So I was going to have to jump in with both feet and I did. The job required a complete overhaul of their IT department and it was up to me to start it. I was working more hours than I had in years and loving every minute of it. It was difficult but the rewards were great as well and I'm very happy to report the department is well on it's way to being the perfect job.

So, now it's calming down, and I know what I'm doing, so it's time to come back and take all that excitement and use it on myself. Energize myself again and come back to Spark People. My first day of my Fitness vacation.

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