Saturday, November 21, 2009

emoticon emoticonI am looking forward to Thanksgiving alot. Not for the food, but for the time with friends and family. This is a big thing with my family. We spend all holidays at my mothers house. Sisters, mothers, grandmas, cousins, kids and all family pets too. But, we have big dinners and we enjoy each other's company. I have never really gained on Thanksgiving, but it would seem like this would be a likely time to gain. But I have rarely had a problem in the past. I will keep in in mind really. I just like the cooking part, when I cook, It seems I don't like to eat the food. Is this strange or what? I have found this to be true lately. If I cook the food I don't really eat that much. But, if someone else cooks the food I will eat alot. I am cooking this year, so I won't have a problem. I do have some pie though. We never really eat pie only on thanksgiving so this is no crime in my books.Anyway I hope that everyone remember's our goals and we can eat just in moderation. Don't get to overwhelmed, enjoy family & friends, that's the true meaning of Thanksgiving Holiday to me. HAVE A GOOD TIME ON THANKSGIVING ALL!
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