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Friday, November 20, 2009

The harsh reality of work is...that it takes a lot of your time!

Having been out of employment for...ahem...well...a WHILE ...I guess I started taking for granted the time it takes to plan, to cook, to exercise, to sleep. So my new routine of getting up early, driving, seating down most of the day before driving back, cooking dinner and preparing next day's lunch then bed time is coming a little as a shock. Gone are the dinners that start cooking at 5 (I don't get home until at least 7), gone the late morning workouts, gone the peacefull mid-afternoon mid-week shopping, gone the ad-hoc Wii-fit sessions whilst watching TV.

I need a new routine.

I can't believe I am even about to write this: I miss exercise, and I miss running!

One lonely running session on Sunday morning, as enjoyable as it is will not be enough to get me to my goal, especially as a lone fighter against the endless supply of cake and chocolate that appears to make a daily appearance in the office.

I am weak when it comes to sweets, and social pressure means it is difficult to pretend to be too full to accept a sliver of birthday cake with my morning green tea....especially since said cake is home-made and looks delicious. And I know there is little point in me denying myself small treats as it would only result in frustration and eventually giving-up.

I have taken to doing secret wall push ups in the bathroom stalls, but I need a plan!

So far I am planning my day's food consumption to the best I can, bringing my own lunch, and making sure I finished my bottle of water before I leave my desk to go home.

But that's not enough. And with a limited time for lunch and long working hours I find it hard to add a good size walk to my lunchtime.

But besides the fitness setback, I am truly enjoying the job, it is interesting, the people are lovely, and having to put make-up on every day and smart-ish clothes forces me to look after it's all good!

Time for some brainstorming (and a new bigger freezer, and one of those automatic hoovering robots...)
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    I was thinking of you the other day but my internet connection is so slow, I can't get around to sending e-mails during the week...

    So happy you are enjoying your job!! I know it is hectic but it'll calm down and become at least a bit more of a habit very soon...Just hang in there!

    You've received a bunch of great tips from other SPARK friends but I'll add my 2 cents worth too...

    I suggest setting your alarm an hour early and looking at it as "me time" where you concentrate just on exercise. Maybe just 2 times a week or M,W,F. Try to go to bed an hour early the night before so you don't feel cheated. Remember, your metabolism will stay pumped *hours* after your workout, it'll be done and because you'll be so proud of yourself for getting your exercise in, you'll want to continue the positive trend by declining on the sweets.

    Bring a nice juicy crunchy apple and eat it first. Think of all that healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals that you are puttin into your body! Then, if you are still in the mood for sweet treats, at least you have gotten in the good stuff first...

    I hust bought a whole bag of crunchy apples that I'll keep in the car and eat before I eat anything unhealthy...sometimes it'll work...

    Good luck to you mon amie!!
    3956 days ago
    Time to plan meals to make ahead and healthy snacks to carry along to work. Fit exercise in by walking on your lunch break, if you can. It will take a little effort but you can do this.
    Glad your job is going well. I'd rather have a steady paycheck than all the time in the world.
    3956 days ago
  • KARVY09
    So glad the job is going so well for you!

    Yep, time to carve out a workout schedule, make and freeze dinners in advance (or maybe a crockpot?), and start bringing a ton of healthy snacks to stick in your drawers. Good going on the covert wall pushups! I need to do more of those.

    And of course, just make those weekends count. If you can get two 90 minute workouts during the weekend, you've put yourself ahead of the game for the rest of the week!
    3958 days ago
    I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the new job - yay! I have found that with my busy schedule, a slow-cooker or crock-pot comes in very handy. I put my frozen chicken or lean pork loin in it in the morning with some spices, and when I get home it's done. And batch cooking too, which is where your new bigger freezer will come in handy! Good luck, I know you can do this.

    3958 days ago
    I can understand how you are feeling. It took me almost seven months after starting my new job to get into enough of a routine to start exercising regularly and improving my diet once again. However, in the mean time I managed to gain an extra 15 lbs. Don't let this be you!!!!

    What I have found that has helped is doing a set of one or two strength training exercises in the bathroom every time I go, unless I've snuck out of a meeting. I'm only gone an extra minute or two and no one notices the difference. I take short walks on my lunch breaks. It is not a big calorie burn, but some days that is the only cardio I get and some is better than none. I also plan my meals a week in advance, making large meals on the weekends that will last a few days and plan easy to prepare meals mid week. I do all of my shopping once per week, but I keep a running grocery list on my fridge, which I update when I run out of my staples. I hope some of these strategies help you find a routine that works for your life and job. Good luck!!!!! And I'm glad it seems that you are really enjoying the new job.
    3958 days ago
    I can feel the shock - a though nut to crack, but YOU WILL find a way. Where there is a will there is always a way. But don't be too hard on yourself. Take your time to get it all in first - evaluate and then there it will be.

    I just feel after almost a month! that I am getting on top of my change and I almost feel normal. Well, normal is at this point that I am not working out 5 times a week (well, I get the dog walked every day) but only 3 serious work-outs. But I try to make the rest happen on the diet plan.

    And - it has started to work! So far, I have lost the 3-4 that I have gained (for no reason at all LOL!!) and I do hope that I can resume my loosing starting NOW!
    3958 days ago
  • CHERUB79
    Well done the job, like you say you always kept yourself busy before

    I know how you feel when you miss exercise

    I find when I am busy in the week & only go to the gym on a sat.
    I feel more tired all week, than if I had exercised

    Last thing I want to do at 8pm is go to the gym

    If you have sky have a look at fitness tv 282 & pre record some of the classes

    I have printed off some of the weight exercises on here - I do them while dinner is cooking some nights, not as good as an hour in the gym but better than nothing
    I do some exercise while whatching tv too

    Good luck planning

    3958 days ago
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